This was confirmed on Voice Of America’s Studio 7 by the MDC national spokesperson Jacob Mafume. He stated that Nelson Chamisa and Mugabe will meet at the Mugabe Blue Roof residence but did not give details about the meeting .

“Indeed Chamisa will be meeting with Mugabe anytime within the next few days. There are a lot of issues that Chamisa will want to hear from Mugabe bearing in mind that Mugabe led this country for over 30 years.”

“It doesn’t mean that because Mugabe was bad there is nothing positive that can be drawn from him with the huge political experience he has”.

Mafume’s sentiments were echoed by the MDC Parliamentarian Prince Dubeko Sibanda who claimed that the MDC can not afford to ignore the huge experience that Mugabe holds and would not be thrown into the dustbin just like that.

It is a development which according to the discerning eye newzimbabwevision can be damaging to Chamisa’s team. Mugabe is a tarnished image who is rumoured to be bankrolling Chamisa. What Chamisa does not realise, is that even if Mugabe is bankrolling him, there will come a time when he and those he is working with, will turn around and present evidence of all the alleged financing and how they are pulling the strings in Chamisa’s team, primarily to expose the power of Mugabe and Grace behind Chamisa and destroy the opposition force. It wont be long before this becomes a scandal of the year, if not life in Zimbabwe. More news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya

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