MDC T CHAOS GROWS AS ZIMBABWE ELECTORAL COMMISSION (Zec) refuse to be drawn into MDC T leadership scandal

ZIMBABWE must wake up and smell the coffee, Khuphe has nothing to lose by wreaking havoc through MDC T in court, because they have deliberately sidelined her, and Mnangagwa has nothing to lose from the MDC T battle.
This time the courts will demonstrate, a non partisan approach and uphold constitutionalism in the leadership matter when its brought before the courts, and simply effectively destroy any hope of MDC T victory in the harmonised 2018 elections. Clearly Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats will come out the winners, and a truly reformed party by expediting any court case towards the elections to ensure they create maximum damage in the public eye. Effectively, the people of Zimbabwe and the international world will be questioning the legitimacy of the MDC T president Nelson Chamisa rise to power and at the same time, admiring Mnangagwa’s efforts at holding credible elections, and legitimising his own unconstitutional rise through a coup,…here we go, Zimbabweans are the losers,..again!
Currently there are two warring MDC T rival camps namely the Nelson Chamisa and the Dr Thokozani Khupe camps embroiled in the battle over ownership of the MDC T party name and symbols.
Zec wrote to Nelson Chamisa-led camp and informed them that Zec will not meddle in the MDC internal affairs.
It is important to note that the elected Vice President of MDC T, referring to herself as MDC acting president, Dr Khupe officially notified the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission that she will represent the MDC T in the 2018 Presidential election and that the party would also participate in local government and parliamentary polls.
The Zec acting elections officer Utoile Silaigwana wrote to the Chamisa-led camp to say Zec will not meddle in the MDC T internal affairs.
As the chaos spreads, after Khuphe’s notification to Zec, the Chamisa faction said it had expelled Thokozani Khuphe, organising secretary Mr Abednigo Bhebhe and spokesperson Mr Obert Gutu from the MDC T party. It is clear there is trouble ahead for the MDC T, which is likely to cost the party its future as the electorate will struggle with the feued.
Reading between the lines, as Khuphe warned before, she will rightly take the issue of disputed MDC T leadership to court, and its obvious Mnangagwa is happy with the feud and the courts will fast track the case and rule on the correct position based upon the constitution, and certify or throw out Chamisa’s rise.
The MDC T fell into a disastrous situation by legitimising the unconstitutional rise of Chamisa, in a situation where they simply should have held back and called for congress first.
It would have made sense to go to delay elections and go to congress first for an election, which given the situation on the ground, Khuphe would most likely lose, but that would give Chamisa the mandate to unite the electorate and lead the party, bring Khuphe faction and its supporters back into MDC T and approach the harmonised 2018 elections as one powerful force.
MDC T never learn, history, from the time of the split by Welshman Ncube into (MDC) in 2005, cost Zimbabwe greatly in the election, while the split by Tendai Biti (PDP) later cost Zimbabwe greatly in the GNU of 2008 to 2013 as Tsvangirai, recalled all MPs who had defected to the Biti group from parliament stating that they got there on an MDC T ticket.
All that this did, was to deny the opposition, a voice in parliament as Zanu pf immediately had the majority in parliament and therefore the ability to chop and change the constitution and make decisions because they were now in the majority under Mugabe.
The same confusion, is exactly what MDC T are heading for under Chamisa because of the power grab and failure to simply adhere to the party constitution, no different from how Mugabe rose to lead Zanu pf in the late 70s after apower grab and pushing out the founder of Zanu Sithole, look where it got the nation to!
The same thing happened with Mnangagwa’s rise to power in 2017 after the military coup. We did not like Mugabe or the bedroom coup by Grace Mugabe, but we were less than six months from a legitimate poll, now we are faced with an illegitimate Mnangagwa, who was not elected into power but got there through a military coup, an unconstitutional rise, power grabbing, which is what Zimbabwe is all about!
Its not rocket science that Mnangagwa, the military, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats would remove Mugabe and Grace, so that they hand over power to democrats six months later,..wake up Zimbabwe!
Zanu pf have one thing to their advantage, which is unity of purpose when it comes to any election, they may hate each other but will always stand as one and fight together against acommon enemy, and thats why Zanu pf was among other things continuously unshakeable.
Love or hate them, they currently are more united and organised than the feuding opposition and clearly a better option for voters, because they hold the keys to state house and power through Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and the military.
Chamisa is falling again for the same situation that happened in the NIKUV election of 31 July 2013 to Tsvangirai. Remember at that time, Welshman Ncube a constitutional lawyer by profession, warned that there was no point in rushing into elections without any reforms being implemented.
Electoral reforms had been drawn up and signed up to with the help of the then South Africa president Thabo Mbeki by all the GNU principals including Mugabe yet , to date, not one of those electoral reforms has been put in place.
The recalling of the MDC T MPs by Tsvangiari from parliament, threw any hopes of change out of the window and Tsvangirai because of the crowds was so confident of marching to state house, that he ignored calls for him to delay elections until reforms and he simply participated in the elections, and legitimised Mugabe’s re election.
Most people are confused because of the numerous MDC factions. Ncube never called his party MDC N. As I said, Welshman Ncube is a constitutional lawayer and he made sure that his party was registered as MDC and no other party can legally use that name, which is why Tsvangirai had to settle for MDC T and then we had all the various MDC vactions with surnames, but MDC is Ncube’s party name, no additions.
This is why the court is there to determine whether party constitution, policy and procedure were correctly followed by the MDC. Its not about how much noise the people or supporters can make, but simply about demonstrating constitutionalism to the courts. If they fail, it will severely cost MDC T because it will vindicate Khuphe, Gutu , Bhebhe etc and demonstrate to all their greatest fear that we are back on the same road as Zanu pf led us through for 37 years.
We are again heading for the same situation with the MDC T leadership feud and Chamisa’s power grab and rush to get to state house, because its simply going to legitimise Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and military regime, the much needed situation by them in order to gain credibility and international support,…wake up Zimbabwe!
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