MDC T DRAMA, BRAINS BEAT NUMBERS AS; Chamisa loses court case to Thokozani Khuphe over using the MDC T party name and loggo

The Bulawayo High Court has dismissed an application by the MDC-T (Chamisa) to stop rival Thokozani Khupe from using the name MDC-T.Image may contain: 3 people, people standing has always warned the people of Zimbabwe and MDC T by splitting the opposition in the eleventh hour towars elections. Remember the whole saga has a lot of issues that have been openly disregarded including the party constitution, gender and tribal equality, three major issues that any decent minded person in the 21st century would value in deciding on who to vote for.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting
If a party therefore clearly shows total disregard for such issues, the very same issues that we have preached all along to the people, lets move past the mountain logic of male domination in society, lack of constitutionalism, tribalism and obviously a whole host of other fails thatcome across by default, catch up with real democracy and rebuild abroken Zimbabwe in a progressive manner. Khuphe is clearly demonstrating that this time, brains are beating the numbers. Zanu pf could back its numbers with violence and coercion, even though it had no respect for its constitution, gender and tribal equality, a repeat we see in MDC T, but MDCT cannot back it up with violence because Mnangagwa will make them pay dearly for that.
She is deeply knowledgeable about how Chamisa’s rise to powere is unconstitutional and will go all the way to demonstrate that MDC T failed to respect its constitution, all news that the partisan courts want to hear as they know which side of their bread is buttered, because its Zanu pf and Mnangagwa who have them in those positions, so they have to run with Mnangagwa’s agenda, which would be to destroy MDC T and give him an unchallenged run to the State house by winning the harmonised 2018 elections.
Lest you forget, Khuphe is represented by Lovemore Madhuku, himself a constitutional lawyer, and also presidential material for the 2018 harmonised elections for his NCA party. He is therefore again legitimate competition against Chamisa for presidential elections and NEWSFLASH:-it is in his interest to ensure he masters all his professional abilities to ensure that Khuphe wins at all cost in all her issues against Chamisa, equally making it easier to run against Mnangagwa.
Zimbabweans may foolishly insult Khuphe but its clear that brains will always beat numbers. MDC T can still save the day by calling Khuphe back, apologising to her and the break away group, addressing the leadership issue in a credible, constitutional manner , such an MDC T congress. We can only move forward with aunited leadership that respects a party constitution, No matter how much noise people make, it will never legitimise Chamisa’s unconstitutional rise to power. If we the people, today, back lack of constitutionalsim , lack of gender equality, tribalism and all other isms, we cannot turn around and complain when the same party tomorrow fails to honour its promises and does the same things it showed in the run up to elections like now.
The people have clearly fallen for no respect for MDC T party constitution, gender and tribal inequality, lets just hope that unlike the false 3million jobs promised by Zanu pf in the 2013 NIKUV campaign, that this time Chamisa will deliver his promises which include, building airports in rural areas,sphaghetti type of roads, bullet trains to rul areas, restoring the Ndebele king and destroying what he Chamisa called the ‘Shonalisation’ of Matebeleland, when earlier this year, he announced that Judges, police, nurses and teachers and others in Matebeleland are mainly draw from Shona individuals while deliberately marginalising local Ndebele’s and denying them opportunities. That was Chamisa;s admission and he went on to say, he will put an end to it all.
Without confusing issues, let me say to the people that he has swallowed more than he can chew because even if he wins the elections, I cannot imagine, the international world rallying behind an unconstitutional rise like in Chamisa’s case. They would rather back a coup which can safeguard their interests like land and business. Again, restoring the Ndebele King, as promised by Chamisa, is going to be anight mare for Chamisa, such as what powers do they have, legal and political and self rule, independance from the government if any, or are they simply a ceremonial entity of no significance. Is he setting us up for another state within a state, and creating a platform for further , deeper hatred, marginalisation and totally destroying a vibrant opposition by giving them false hope that they will be a law unto themselves in a governed state.
Whats there to stop every village, restoring its own kingdoms for example the Munhumutapa kingdom if this is done for the ndebele king. He is clearly rocking the boat in every way and its all going to cost MDC T. This os why many people are saying that , as much as they dislike Mnangagwa, there is stability in them voting for Mnangagwa, Zanu pf, securocrats and the military regime. Lets see how Chamisa, MDC T and the council resolve the mess because its up to them to unite the electorate by dealing with this now otherwise it will cost the party and that will be the end forever of MDC T if Mnangagwa wins. says wake up Zimbabwe, it is us the people who are fuelling our own demise like under Mugabe, never listening to reason and failing to respect the MDC T party constitution, gender and tribal equality. Khuphe is not after taking over anymore, she just wants to ensure that MDC T pay for obvious respect the MDC T party constitution, gender and tribal equality by Chamisa and the council ..DISCUSS!
The disregard for the MDC T party constitution, gender and tribal equality. in the MDC T saga is going to cost the opposition camp as the Bulawayo High Court has dismissed an application by the MDC-T (Chamisa) to stop rival Thokozani Khupe from using the name MDC-T.
High Court judge Justice Francis Bere dismissed a case in which MDC-T chairman Morgen Komichi was suing former party deputy president Thokozani Khupe and her allies over use of the party’s name and logo
Komichi’s lawyers, Josphat Tshuma and Lucas Nkomo, had filed an urgent chamber application citing Khupe, former national organiser Abednico Bhebhe and former party spokesperson Obert Gutu as respondents.
Khupe’s lawyer Lovemore Madhuku opposed the application.
Obert Gutu celebrated the judgement, he wrote, “Justice Francis Bere has dismissed,with costs,the High Court application that was launched by Morgen Komichi et al against myself,Hon.Dr.Thokozani Khupe & Hon.Abednico Bhebhe.
We’re on a roll !!” The Vice president and president almost fell off their seats in ;aughter at the confusion in MDC T, saying, we removed mugabe because he has no respect for the national constitution, now this MDC T fails to respect its own constitution, yet they claim democracy,..clowns!..Kutonga kwaro!… this time it wasn’t a Zanu pf fault! see the picture
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