MDC-T Mudzuri urges opposition and other stakeholders to expose Zanu PF’s rigging antics ahead of 2018 elections.

MDC-T co-vice-president, Elias Mudzuri has urged opposition political parties and other stakeholders to close ranks and expose Zanu PF’s electoral rigging antics, particularly increased use of State-sponsored violence ahead of the 2018 elections.

Mudzuri, in a statement last week, accused Zanu PF of unleashing a terror campaign in rural areas to intimidate voters.

He warned that Zanu PF intimidation had become so entrenched that “even if the ruling party accedes to all electoral law reforms, the outcome of any future elections will reflect those of the past if the conduct of the process is not reformed to give the rural electorate their constitutional right to freely cast their vote. Source – Newsday

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