MDC-T Spokesperson, Obert Gutu Condemns Mtukudzi For Performing At Mugabe Zanu PF, Million Man March


Legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi has come under rare attack for performing at the Zanu PF One Million Man March.

Mtukudzi sang just two songs in between Grace Mugabe and President Robert Mugabe’s address.

The VVIP section including Grace took the dance floor.

But that seem to have annoyed some people.

On social media twitter platform, people said Mtukudzi should not have associated with Zanu PF.

Leading that chorus of disapproval was MDC-T national spokesperson, Obert Gutu.

He posted, “Tuku has sold out his soul for few pieces of silver!

Thomas Mapfumo WOYE

“Tuku shouldn’t go political!”

However, Zanu-PF National Commissar Savior Kasukuwere came in full defence of Mtukudzi.

He said “Stop that Obert . He is just a musician and if you need him ask ! Stop It”.

Minister Jonathan Moyo was full of praise for the singer.

He said “Sounds of Oliver Mtukudzi enveloping #MillionManMarch right now. Everyone here under the spiritual spell of pure musical beauty at work!”.by Thobekile Zhou

Source: Byo24News

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