MDC-T official Hwende says seven armed soldiers heavily assaulted four opposition supporters and displaced 150 people at Rasmis/Chingford farm in Seluos near Norton Zimbabwe.

An MDC-T official Chalton Hwende has reportedly said that a group of seven armed Zimbabwe Defence Forces soldiers heavily assaulted four opposition supporters . It is said that approximately one hundred and fifty people were temporarily displaced at the Rasmis/Chingford farm in Seluos near Norton Zimbabwe.
The victims according to Hwende have reported their case at Selous Police station where statements were recorded while the injured group proceeded to Hospital.
Hwended said “Their crime was a week ago MDC aspiring candidate for Norton Member of Parliament Mr Matemera assisted about 140 people to get IDs and they all managed to register to vote. Matemera visited the farm to asses the progress of voter registration.
In response the farm Manager Mr Chatima brought 7 Armed Soldiers who assaulted everyone at the farm. Farm manager Chatima is currently at Selous Police station where a statement is being recorded, according to Hwende.
Hwende issued a statement to say “We reiterate that if the soldiers are not back to their Baracks by Wednesday, a series of action will be held all over cities in Zimbabwe.”
I can only say, with President Mnangagwa militarising the cabinet, enlarging the Presidential office budget while reducing the Health allocation, Generals now Ministers and soldiers out everywhere, it is obvious what we have ahead , horror at the hands of a Zanu pf led military state. What has happened at Rasmis/Chingford farm Seluos near Norton is a scary revelation of the future under soldiers. We cannot sit back and legitimise this regime of cruel generals and Mnangagwa after the whole exercise of removing Mnangagwa.
Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must all go! Soldiers must all return to barracks and the nation must be returned to the people, the real owners of the motherland Zimbabwe. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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