MDC T PRESIDENT NELSON CHAMISA CLAIMS HE helped the Rwandan leader turn his ravaged country’s economy around.

In a space of less than five months, several nations have disputed MDC T president Nelson Chamisa’s campaign claims in Zimbabwe. Those who have swifted discounted his falsehoods include, the British government, the US government, and now Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, has taken to twitter to deny MDC T president Nelson Chamisa’s claims that he helped Rwanda’s economy. Chamisa who is now, a regular with his at times, commonly ridiculous or immature, claimed , while addressing supporters at a campaign rally in Beitbridge on Saturday, that when he was ICT minister in the government of National Unity (GNU), he had helped the Rwandan leader Paul Kagame turn his economy and country around.

Paul Kagame, twitted, “1st my name is Kagame not kagama 2- I don’t know this man & no discussion ever happened with him anywhere …3rd Rw’s ICT policy,projects & progrm started before mdc formation and politics! I wish the people of Zim.well !” said President Kagame.

For those not well clued up to Chamisa’s campaign manifesto, he has over the last four months, by his own admission travelled to USA with Tendai Biti to request for sanctions to be maintained and then went on to tell the electorate that Sanctions will only be lifted if people vote for the alliance,…coercion and selling the nation to the West,, but this claim was swiftly denied by the US.

Nelson Chamisa also recently, in a shock development has reportedly offered to avail lump sum pensions and decent living conditions for Zimbabwe’s liberation war veterans .

He also promised to allow the coronation of the Ndebele King.

The leader of a faction of the MDC-T, Adv Nelson Chamisa, once again was caught out lying to the nation, after claiming he had been personally invited to the United Kingdom by Queen Elizabeth II. An official at the British Embassy in Zimbabwe dismissed the claim that Mr Chamisa made to supporters in Harare South .

Nelson Chamisa also threatened to unleash Zanu pf style violence using street guys from Mbare if MDCT lose the harmonised 2018 elections. The MDC T circus is clearly growing with each passing day. This chaos is falling into the hands of Mnangagwa, Zanu pf and securocrats who are sitting quietly and watching MDC T implosion from the terraces, because of Chamisa ‘s poor, infact immature choice of words, which openly indirectictly incite violence, in a clearly preprogrammed desperate attempt to wrestle power from the Zanu pf Mnangagwa, Zanu pf and securocrats.
Because of this, the government can actually stage play MDC T violence towards elections and then officially use the military, CIO, militia and other to escalate the violence and blame it on MDC T.

Nelson Chamisa has over the last few months promised to build rural airports, sphaghetti type roads, bullet trains, allow the coronation of the Ndebele king and to install WIFI at each rural homestead, claiming “Even goats will be able to have access to the mobile network,”. “Wherever one is, even if they are in their own house or at their small house, then they will be able to access mobile networks.” I can only say, vote wisely-wake up Zimbabwe! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
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