MH370 search: More Debris , ‘Possibly An aircraft Door’, Washes Up On Beach At Reunion Island

After a flapperon or wing part presumed to be part of a boeing 777 washed up on St Andre’s beach on Reunion Island, yet again another piece, now the second suspected plane piece has washed off onto Reunion Island.

The latest debris, with markings featuring on it,  is assumed to be an aircraft door and it washed up on the south of the city of St Denis.

In March 2014, a Malaysia Airlines flight , enroute from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared from radar soon after take off, with  239 people including crew on board. To date, Malaysia airlines, relatives of the passengers, and the world at large are still blank as to what transpired on that fateful flight.

The debris findings, could finally bring closure to the saga, once the true circumstances surrounding the origins of the debris if linked to the missing flight, are made public. It may not  identify where exactly in the sea, the Malaysia MH370 flight ended up, but people ill be able to finally grieve and put closure to the accident, knowing that their loved ones definitely lost their lives out at sea on board the doomed flight.

Malaysia’s transport ministry , are therefore understandably cautious about giving out any statements that may turn out not to be eventually true.

The Malaysia’s transport minister has however  confirmed that the debris that washed up on Reunion Island on a beach at St Andre this week,  is definitely  a wing flap from a Boeing 777, which is a similar aircraft to the missing MH370 flight, a fact verified by both French authorities and aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

The debris has been sent to  France, for further investigation in order to acertain its source.

The two pieces , a wing part and an aircraft door are not the only pieces found so far as its also reported that in May this year,  a suitcase found on the same beach, a suitcase also washed up on sea and forms  part of the examination which will begin this wednesday in Toulouse France, the same centre that was at the centre of examining air crash  debris from the doomed Air France flight AF447, which crashed enroute from Paris to Brazil in 2009, with a total of  228 people, who all died in this unfortunate accident. by Sibusiso Ngwenya. see more at

photo-telegraph-The piece of debris found in Saint-Andre de la Reunion (EPA)


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