MINISTER OF agriculture, water, climate and rural resettlement Shiri has dissolved the Cold Storage Commission Board with immediate effect

ZIMBABWE’S MINISTER OF LANDS, agriculture, water, climate and rural resettlement RTD Air Marshal Perence Shiri has dissolved the Cold Storage Commission Board with immediate effect. This development comes soon after Zimbabwe’s cabinet recently announced that they had found an investor from Britain willing to invest on the CSC venture.
It didnt take more than a few daysbfore the British company who allegedly was due to invest £130 million, into the CSC venture, was outed as a bogus briefcase company with no business reputation, having been trading for a couple of years. is monitoring developments and will publish issues as they happen in this rapidly developing saga but, online reports from Bulawayo 24 were put as follows: I’m sure by now we have all heard that the government has sold our national beef processing company, the Cold Storage Company, to a “UK Beef Giant”. Thankfully, Zimbabweans were quick to point out that this “UK Beef Giant” was a mere briefcase company.
The truth is: it IS a briefcase company. It is NOT involved in the beef industry in the UK. The company doesn’t own any agricultural equipment in the UK. It’s a dormant company.
● What does “dormant company” mean?
It means that the company is registered but there is no business activity or income. It’s basically a dead company.
• This “UK Beef Giant” was registered in 2015 (see images).• Ever since it was registered, it hasn’t engaged in any business activity.• The “UK Beef Giant” only has £2 in its account.• It had £2 in 2016, £2 in 2017 and £2 in 2018 (see images).• This “UK Beef Giant” has just THREE board members. One of the board members is the company’s website designer. No, I’m not making it up. Please see the images to check out his educational qualifications and biography. The guy designed and registered the website in 2015.
● But that’s not the bad thing. Our government signed the most EDiotic deal ever. The briefcase company has been given a 25 year deal to run the CSC. The deal our worthless government signed is called a “Rehabilitate, Operate and Transfer (ROT)”. To make this easier for you to understand, please allow me to give you an example. Let’s say you have a car. You then sign a 25 year deal with a mechanic. The mechanic says, “Okay, let’s register it in my name. After that, I will fix your car, put a new engine, replace the tyres, paint it, pay off the debt you owed the last mechanic and then use it for a 25 year period. After the 25 years, I will give the car back to you and then you can do what you want with it. At least you’ll have a working car…”
This is what Rehabilitate, Operate and Transfer (ROT) means. It really means “please my brother, I’m begging you to fix it for me, operate it and then give it back to me in working condition”. Please see the images and read what your worthless ministers said.
This means that this briefcase company is coming in and for the next 25 years, will use our equipment, use our farms, our labour, run all abattoirs and produce meat for export. After that 25 year period, the briefcase company will pack its bags and exit Zimbabwe. The CSC will NOT benefit from this deal because it’s a deal that will only benefit the briefcase company and leave the CSC in the same old state. It’s going to repatriate 100% of the profits to the United Kingdom.
● Oh, it gets worse. Normally, this briefcase company would have been asked by the government to produce proof that it has the funds to revive operations BEFORE it takes over the CSC but for reasons unknown, proper procedures weren’t followed. Instead, the briefcase company doesn’t have to show our worthless government any proof of funds. I heard from a source that the briefcase company was given the option to show proof of funds AFTER FOUR months of commencing operations. Source – Byo24

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