‘Ministers Kembo Mohadi And Sydney Sekeremai Are Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) members’-Kasukuwere

Zanu-PF political commissar  Saviour Kasukuwere has indirectly suggested that Ministers Kembo Mohadi and Sydney Sekeremai are members of Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst).

In an unprovoked attack on ZimFirst leader Joyce Mujuru, Kasukuwere told Zanu PF supporters that ZimFirst is stuffed with ‘diesel n’angas’.

“That party (ZimPF) also has diesel n’angas who lied about the Chinhoyi diesel issue. My question is where on earth would you see or obtain diesel from a mountain? he asked.”

That was in reference to top Zanu PF members who got tricked by a female sangoma into believing that pure fuel can be obtained from a rock in Chinhoyi.
Former minister Dydimus Mutasa who is now part of ZimFirst was part of the delegation.

Mohadi and Sekeremari also tagged along and captured seating on the ground with no shoes on.

In 2007, Zanu PF dispatched top officials to a spirit medium Rotina Mavhunga to investigate her claims that oil is mysteriously oozing out of a rock.

She had  claimed to have discovered diesel streaming from a rock in the northwest around Chinhoyi Caves, protected by locals as a traditional shrine.

Said Mavhunga back then  “the diesel was a gift from ancestral spirits who saw that their children were suffering because of the fuel shortage” and was pictured by a local newspaper holding a hosepipe stuck into a rock, “spewing the oil, Source – Byo24News.

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