‘MLISWA , has been warned, that he will be jailed, for forcibly grabbing British businessman Paul Westwood’s companies ‘

‘MLISWA ,WARNED, HE WILL BE JAILED FOR TAKING OVER British businessman Paul Westwood’s companies illegally’

www.newzimbabwevision.com says, lest anyone forgets, Mliswa is President Mnangagwa and former Zanu pf Minister Didymus Mutasa”s nephew so in reality, anything against Mliswa is typically a direct challenge to Mnangagwa and Zanu pf modus operandi of loot farms, businesses and other property freely. Infact it is the very reason why no foreign investor would risk investing in such a risky nation, therefore not much is expected from this. Western Powers have been huffing and puffing over this for 20 years and too many criminals are now running Zimbabwe and thrive on other people suffering.
In Zanu pf books, allowing Paul Westwood’s challenge to succeed opens a massive can of worms which would lead to mass calls for return of looted farms and businesses by the mostly exiled whites, along with calls for compensation, prosecution and jailing of the Zanu pf stalwarts headed by Mnangagwa and Chiwenga, We all know this would never happen, case in point gukurahundi almost 4 decades ago and still nothing other than people clamouring for answeres, compensation, prosecution and healing of a broken nation, but clearly to no impact , however the nation is at its lowest and anything can happen!

Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has been warned that his time is up and he will be jailed at Chikurubi Maximum prison for allegedly taking over companies belonging to British businessman Paul Westwood illegally.
In a tweet on Wednesday Westwood said, “Enjoy this while U can as very soon U will be in Chikirubi prison for the heinous crimes U committed against humanity!! Farm workers, my company workers, Jenny Parsons, Citizens in the UK and of course myself! Your time is up and justice will prevail soon!!”
In a letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2018, Westwood claimed that Mliswa threatened to kill him and rape his wife prompting him to flee the country.

Paul Westwood@PaulPaulus13Enjoy this while U can as very soon U will be in Chikirubi prison for the heinous crimes U committed against humanity!! Farm workers, my company workers, Jenny Parsons, 🇿🇼Citizens in the UK& of course myself!! Ur⏰is UP🏛WILL prevail soon!! @MichaelMuteked1 https://twitter.com/TembaMliswa/status/1226928769044226052 …
Hon. Temba P. Mliswa@TembaMliswaPondering over this past weekend’s well spent time&activities again made me thankful for my Independent status. With all the shenanigans taking place in political parties one would be too consumed to spend time in the constituency or at the farm. I’m grateful for being where I am
23:51 PM – Feb 12, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacySee Paul Westwood’s other Tweets
Read the full letter below:

Hon Mliswa used the previous President Mr Robert. G. Mugabes name in vain for personal Gain/Greed to illegally seize my companies Noshio Motors and Benbar! He claimed Mr Mugabe sanctioned this illegal seizure in line with the indiginization law.
On 18 December 2009. He wrongfully and illegally seize my companies Noshio Motors (Pvt) Ltd incorporating Benbar/Tromps using a fake Banda Trust Mafia style dirty politics and his uncle Didymus Mutasa. He stated he is Untouchable and above the law as he has powerful connections. He is obstructing the judiciary from doing their work in a professional manner.
Mr President you condemn corrupt and illegal activities and recently gave a white farmer back the land. The country is wooing back FDI yet my companies were illegally seized by Hon Mliswa. My ONLY Crime white British FDI working with the amazing people of Zimbabwe. I was forced to flee Zimbabwe, with nothing but a suitcase due to death threats on my life. In the process I illegally LOST my entire investment, over One Million Pounds!
Hon T.P. Mliswa, SEVERELY VIOLATED MY HUMAN AND PROPERTY RIGHTS. He threatened to rape my Belgian wife, kidnap my two Belgian boys and KILL me!!
Didymus Mutasa lied to the previous President. He was Presidential affairs Minister at the time. He made sure his Nephew, son and others were acquitted bribing magistrates Never Katiyo and Morgan Nemadire as well as abusing his office. Johannes Tomanna (who was Mliswa s lawyer in 2000 during the Land Invasions) Prematurely closed my case without allowing FOUR other state witnesses to testify. byo24

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