Mnangagwa Due In Bulawayo September 24, Warned To Brace For Backlash Over ‘Nkomo Remarks’

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s proposed consultative meetings with Bulawayo residents at the end of the month have generated mixed reactions, with some opposition leaders saying he should publicly apologise over his remarks about the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo.

Former Zipra fighter, Max Mnkandla said Mnangagwa, who is due in the city on September 24, should brace for a backlash over his remarks on Nkomo.

“If he (Mnangagwa) is coming to consult with Zanu-PF members disguised as Bulawayo residents, he should go to his party offices, Davis Hall,” he said.

“That is where he will get feedback from his party people, who have been deployed to the region to snoop on us.

“But if he genuinely wants to dialogue with Bulawayo residents he should first issue an apology on his Joshua Nkomo insult.

“If he does not issue an apology, we will organise residents to boycott the meeting or disrupt it if we elect to attend.”

Mnangagwa is currently under fire over his recent utterances suggesting Nkomo was a sell-out, who lost the 1980 elections because he served white minority interests.Source – Southern Eye- See more at:

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