‘Mnangagwa For VP?..Chiwenga & Shiri Also Habor Similar Ambition’-Job Sikhala

The senior MDC-T official Job Sikhala has said the ruling Zanu PF is basking in the glory of borrowed robs and is likely to collapse any time.

“They are smarting in borrowed robs. They are nothing beyond the artificial invincibility of Grace. Time will absolve us from the malign posture of the group,” Sikhala said. “The party itself created a notion and culture that has been accepted as a norm in its rank and file that if you didn’t come from fighting front during the liberation struggle you deserve nothing more than the follower. The core of their norm which they gave a superior hierarchy is that they listen to one of them who was at war during the liberation struggle.”

Sikhala said there is no way that norm can be transmitted to a group who among itself has never hold a gun.

“It’s different from other political formations like our own MDC that is based on the ideals of economic liberation rather than basing our existence on the exploits of the past,” Sikhala said. “Yes Ngwena (Emmerson Mnangagwa) might be weak but besides himself there are other thousands of former liberation fighters who also want to lead Zanu PF. Do you think Chiwenga and Perence Shiri also do not habour ambitions to be Presidents of this country. ”

He said even (Joseph) Chinotimba stands a greater chance in the Zanu PF succession matrix than the overzealous and ambitious G40.

“Yes they can distabilise and appear on the surface to be on ride but its just the glory of a candle they are not going anywhere. It’s a doomed sojourn before it begins. Mama Kadzamira in the senile state of Kamuzu Banda appeared all powerful and invincible only to realise later that she was deluded. So was Mao’s third wife. They appeared to be the new sovereign when in fact they were nothing beyond the demise of their husbands,” he said. “My personal views and prediction of the sad end of the G40.” Source: Byo24News

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