MNANGAGWA HAS FULLY MILITARISED ZIMBABWE GOVERNMENT with inclusion of Mugabe’s nephew Airforce Commande Perence Shiri and Major Gen Sibusiso Moyo as ministers.

Lets be realistic, remember that Mugabe’s Zvimba nephew Perrance Shiri originally called Bigboy Samson Chikerema from the James Chikerema/ mbuya amai Bona family, so how does anyone look at the present scenario and claim that Mugabe’s family have been removed from influential positions?
Furthermore these generals were part of the suffering inflicted upon Zimbabweans after tsvangirai won 2008 elections and Mugabe was about to concede defeat but they stepped in and ordered that he should with hold election results, which he did for several months then claimed victory and stole the peoples vote.
During that tense waiting, Mugabe along with the military Generals in 2008, a period marked in Zimbabwe as a tumultous time, because of unprecedented electoral violence by the security and Zanu pf, what most Zimbabweans did not realise at that very moment in time, was that, a Chinese ship named, the An Yue Jiang whose ship master reportedly identified as Captain Sunaijun, was on standby in the South African, Durban Port, laden with arms destined for Zimbabwe security forces for use to crush resistance and stop MDC from taking over after election victory.
The An Yue Jiang ship’s deadly consignment include 77-tonnes of weapons, three million rounds of ammunition for AK-47 rifles and small arms, 1,500 rocket-propelled grenades and thousands of mortar rounds, mortar tubes and other military weapons, from Beijing to Harare.
South African Port workers however, in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe, refused to offload the shipment as they knew very well, Mugabe and his generals were preparing to massacre Zimbabweans in a bid to stay in power even though Mugabe and his Zanu pf had lost the ballot but was unwilling to announce the result.
At the same time, the South African High Court, played a critical role in delaying a potential massacre of Zimbabweans by declaring that, the deadly ammunition could only be unloaded at port but not be transported by road. This court stance, coupled with the Port workers refusal to offload the weapons, led to the An Yue Jiang, sailing off towards Mozambique in an attempt to offload the weapons there.
With the political stalemate in place, any nation assisting the movement of the weapons to Zimbabwe, would have played a key role in suppressing a people’s defiance to oppressive authority as the cargo, was enough to run a full blown war, yet Mugabe and his generals including his nephew Shiri were preparing for a full war against unarmed civilians seeking democracy for all Zimbabweans.
Shiri had been the Fifth Brigade commander during gukurahundi and commanding the brigade in slaughtering over 20, 000 unarmed Ndebele’s from Matebeleland and Midlands, while Mnangagwa who has rewarded him for all his efforts with the post of Agriculture minister. Shiri was working with mnangagwa who was Minister of State Security in charge of the ruthless CIO.
Today Mnangagwa is the president and after stating openly that Mugabe is a mentor, a father and someone he will always seek advice from and giving Mugabe US$10, Million pay off lays claim to the fact that he seeks to rebuild Zimbabwe.
South African opposition foreign affairs and independant Human rights groups, along with International security, and international media and International pressure groups, tracked the ships movements , as it sailed around the coast of |Africa attempting to offload its shipment using planes and helicopters, knowing very well that the Chinese government had supported Robert Mugabe by training and arming his guerrillas during the war for independance against the British government in the 70s. , while at the same time they had now reportedly furnished Mugabe’s Zanu PF government with radio-jamming devices to prevent independent stations from disseminating information to the public.
To the ‘Discerning Eye-newzimbabwevision;, China is a stumbling bloc to democracy in Zimbabwe, as, it considers Zimbabwe like an annex because Zimbabwe ‘owes’ its freedom to Chinese benevolence, hence why China has, reportedly , on past occassions vetoed the UN security council from debating Zimbabwe’s crisis arguing that Zimbabwe’s issues were an internal not a public matter.
The An Yue Jiang, having sailed around the Southern coast of Africa and met up with the same defiance all round as different port workers at different countries, refused to offload, what they knew was a looming bloodbath through Mugabe butchering their kith and kin.
Mugabe would have butchered Zimbabweans with the deadly weapons, irrespective of what race, tribe, religion or colour one was in a second wave of his gukurahundi genocide ‘moment of madness’ and that would have included many of those singing for their supper, in favour of Mugabe and his Zanu PF today,…..LITTLE DID THEY KNOW! The ship eventually sailed off back to China, with its consignment, and Zimbabweans received a lifeline but never realised how close they were to being butchered by Mugabe over Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe’s war veterans must take the president seriously when he warns them that he will unleash a wave of the murderous gukurahundi genocide upon them,…he means it! We all know how he militarised the Chiadzwa diamond fields and cleared 30 000 diamond prospectors by using two gunship helicopters to mow down 140 people in broad day light, following it up with soldiers on foot with dogs. Mugabe is the devil’s incarnate on earth!
The problem was later resolved as Zimbabwe, shortly later on discovered Chiadzwa diamond fields, the largest and richest diamond fields ever discovered in the world over the last 100 years., thereby breathing life into a broke despot, his Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats.
An airport then larger than harare international airport with a longer runway, was built in Chiadzwa and the Chinese were granted freedom of Chiadzwa, with weapons being brought in, diamonds smuggled out and cash externalised, while Chinese companies partnered the Zimbabwe defence forces in mining diamonds.
Unsurprisingly so, Mugabe, today publicly acknowledges that the Chinese ‘cheated’ us as he cannot account for at least US$15 Billion dollars worth of diamonds. I repeat, to the ‘Discerning Eye, newzimbabwevision’ China is a stumbling bloc to democracy and Mugabe’s controversial ‘Look East ‘policy is simply legitimised crime and corruption. Mnangagwa, Zim 1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats, continuously loot national wealth by monopolising wealth and power, in the name of sovereignity. At least now he will butcher his own war veterans, while we sit back and watch,…its a free show! Mnangagwa Must Go!
It therefore is the ‘Mother of all stupidity!’ to insist that the wealth of informed diasporans worldwide must return home. Lest we forget, at the most difficult times and even up to now, the diaspora keeps Zimbabwe running by channelling money and resources back home and maintaining the welfare and health of remaining family and relatives.
Mugabe and his Zanu pf could never have liberated Zimbabwe without the help of the outside world including countries like Russia and China who offered training for guerrillas, supplied weapons and equipment and technical support for the guerrilla war along with support from other countries like Zambia and South Africa.
Let us also realise that the situation in Zimbabwe would have been worse off if everyone had stayed back in the country and listened to ZBc and State propaganda from Herald and Chronicle newspapers which continuously spewed false information designed to elevate resigned President Mugabe and brainwash the people.
The diaspora wave is the ultimate weapon of defiance by the people of Zimbabwe to oppressive authority by Mugabe, Zanu pf Stalwarts, securocrats and zim1 family.
The British are today falling all over in a purported attempt to invest in and rebuild Zimbabwe. my question is who created Mugabe,..Mugabe is the blue eyed boy of the west because he was protecting their interests, namely the land forcibly removed from Blacks, the original owners of the land as white settlers shared commercial land. However to the Discerning eye newzimbabwevision, this is two faced, because at the height of gukurahundi in the eighties, perrance Shiri was reportedly at the Royal Airforce college in Uk while his brigade was buchering thousands of ndebeles yet the British did not arrests him even if they knew what was happening and did not intervene to save the Ndebele’s who were being butchered. other people argue that it was because the dissidents were threatening commercial farming mainly a white British area and so because Mugabe was stamping his authority over the dissidents, they were willing to look the other way,..and sadly enough, they did and 20, 000 unarmed women, children and men form Matebeleland and Midlands were butchered by Perrance Shiri’s fifth Brigade, he has been made Minister of Agriculture and the British are ready to inject revenue into the same corrupt sstem by the same brutal securocrats who are yet to face prosecution over their crimes against humanity,..politics is a dirty game!
Today they want to rush in, not because they have the people’s interests at heart but their own as in any western intervention Mnangagwa is singing their hym by saying those whites who were forced off their farms will be compensated. its not a problem but the big question is, what has he done for the original land owners who were forcibly removed by settler whites from good rainfall lands and fertile soils while whites shared the indigenous people’s land.
The original owners, the black indigenous population must be compensated for their losses before the thieving white force are compensated,…that is land that was stolen from blacks. It does not matter how many times, stolen property trades hands across generations, it is legally stolen property,..therefore if any compensation,..its blacks first.
Funny enough the real beneficiaries of the Zanu pf war veteran land redistribution are the securocrats, Zanu pf stalwarts, mnangagwa’s and Mugabe’s a, their families and close connections with multiple farms, whilst the people are generally landless, so we have only removed Mugabe and wife but by replacing him with Mnangagwa, we have left the same Zanu pf system of corruption, oppression, draconian acts like AIPPA and POSA along with the rigging machinery intact, even cementing Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats monopoly over wealth and power by fielding them heavily in the new government.
Zimbabweans need to now encourage all youths who have become of voting age along with everyone else to do BVR registration and prepare to vote in 2018 and remove Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats from power and return the country to democratic rule by the people.By the time we hold the 2018 ballot, every Zimbabwean born in the diaspora after the year 2000 will be eligible to vote along with those already at or above the minimum voting age by then, With an estimated 4 million Zimbabweans in the wilderness or diaspora, the majority of whom are anti Mugabe and his Zanu pf, the diaspora has the power to push Mugabe out of power if allowed to vote and therefore that leverage must be fought for.
Diasporans must use all influence upon international bodies such as UN, EU and countries such as UK, US and South Africa to gain the right to vote at their local embassies for Zimbabwe. as sad and as painful as this sounds, the diaspora can slow down or completely run Zimbabwe aground by stopping all support going back home through the official channels thus starve the weapon of oppression.
People must realise that the chaos and corruption in Zimbabwe was deliberately created to allow the criminal regime to amass corruptly gained wealth, such as mines, multiple farms, businesses and so forth while the people became destitute.
The reason why the Registrar general Tobaiwa Mudede now seeks to ban dual citizenship is to stop the diaspora from voting as he very well knows that the majority of the diaspora would love to see Mugabe and his Zanu pf removed from power so the Zanu pf regime wants that stopped.
In other words, if you thought Zanu pf are going soon as easily as that,…think again! Wake up Zimbabwe, need a plan,…! Lets work together rather than fight amongst ourselves as that only feeds into the very profile Mugabe remnants, Mnangagwa and his Zanu pf seek to create, such as claiming the diaspora are Western puppets,…really?
People of Zimbabwe, well done, keep up the pressure on Mnangagwa. People must step up their defiance to oppressive authority by registering to vote on the BVR. Today I can let you know that just 24 hours after appointing Lazarus Dokora as Lazarus Dokoraas the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, the new President Emmerson Mnangagwa listened to the people’s protests locally and globally across mainstream and social media and saw it fit to immediately yield to the calls by firing cabinet, minister Lazarus Dokora, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education and appointed Professor Clever Nyathi, former Minister of Labour to the position of special advisor to the President on issues of national healing and reconciliation.
People power removed Mnangagwa, Dokora and G40, now lets not back down on pressuring the government for change. Wake up Zimbabwe! For regular updates, inclusive debate that has respect for all, please join newzimbabwevision media platforms. Please email all your articles, photos and breaking news, to or whatsapp to
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5) 5000 friends and 10,217 followers, on my timeline .  Stop rewarding criminals and past failures with ministerial posts. We want corruption wiped away, land reposessed and redistributed fairly to all deserving Zimbabweans, law and order brought back, diaspora votes to be accepted, dual citizenship allowed, AIPPA and POSA removed, UN brought in to monitor elections, rural areas opened to opposition and activist campaigns, vote buying made illegal, a free and fair electoral environment and all loot by Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and others recovered by the state and all found guilty of corrupt activities must be prosecuted. The people have the power bto bring change.
We the people removed Mugabe, lets do it again with nmnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats  and recover the stolen motherland from this criminal regime, not for us but for all our children, black, white, coloured, any tribe, race and religion.   DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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