‘Mnangagwa Must Take Responsibility For His Role In Gukurahundi Genocide’- Zimbabwe People First

An official with the Zimbabwe People First party, Methuseli Moyo has challenged Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to learn to accept responsibilities considering the fact that it was clear he had a hand in the Gukurahundi which killed over 20 000 in the 1980s.by Stephen Jakes.
Government through the Korean trained fifth brigade pounced in Matabeleland and Midlands killing people believed to be supporters of Joshua Nkomo and his PF Zapu.
Mnangagwa is said to be having a hand in the massacres but he has vehemently denied the claims.”Emmerson Mnangagwa must learn to accept responsibility for his words and deeds. He denies his role in Gukurahundi. Denies his role in the Tsholotsho Declaration. Denies his presidential ambitions and leadership of Lacoste,” Moyo said. – ┬ásource Bulawayo24

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