Mnangagwa’s nephew Norton MP Mliswa says VP  Kembo Dugish Campbell Mohadi is involved in corruption, rape and murder.

Mnangagwa’s nephew Norton MP Mliswa says VP  Kembo Dugish Campbell Mohadi is involved in corruption, rape and murder. says Zanu pf ever exposed anyone unless if they want to bring him down. They are all corrupt people, starting with Mliswa’s uncle Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose nephew and Mliswa’s cousin, Zimbabwe’s Permanant Secretary for Defence Defence Martin Rushwaya is president Mnangagwa’s nephew as his mother is Mnangagwa’s sister. Zanu pf is all a family business, remember Mnangagwa’s first wife and mother to his older children, is the late sister to the late Zanu General Josiah Tagama Tongogara. Temba Mliswa is also Didymus Mutasa’s nephew.
I will go into detail soon about all the Zanu pf family links and demonstrate what I have always said, that the removal of Mugabe is nothing to celebrate because you only managed to replace him with his right hand man, his clone Mnangagwa who worked with Mnangagwa since the early 60s building the corrupt, ruthless murderous Zanu , behind all the crime , corruption, genocides including Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, Chiadzwa, white farmer removals and all other crimes against humanity in Zimbabwe. Remember how Mnangagwa made his wealth from the Zimbabwe Military intervention in the DRC war when the corrupt caucus then under Mugabe, looted wealth and minerals including diamonds. This is why Zimbabwe can never progress under Zanu pf, Mugabe may have fallen but unless and until we remove all Zanu pf, the same corrupt system remains in place,..wake up Zimbabwe!
Temba Mliswa whoi is President Mnangagwa’s nephew and also Didymus Mutasa’s nephew says he is compiling a dossier that he will soon be submitting to President Emmerson Mnangagwa about VP Kembo Dugish Campbell Mohadi
Mliswa said this while reacting to Mohadi’s lawyers who sent a letter to the MP threatening him with legal action if he does not retract hi twitter post alleging that Mohadi is corrupt within 24 hours.
Said Mliswa, “There are even allegations of rape and murder against him, dossier of which I’ll be compiling for submission to Emmerson Mnangagwa and I look forward to His Excellency acting upon the information.”
Mliswa further appealed to anyone with information to add to the dossier that he is compiling to contact him on the availed contact details.
TEMBA MLISWA’S full statement below:
So I hear that Vice President Mohadi’s lawyers have written a letter requesting that I retract yesterday’s tweet. I say hear as I’m yet to receive correspondence to that effect.
Ok how about this? For ease of reference, my lawyer is Marufu Mandevere at The Firm, Kadzere, Hungwe and Mandevere Legal Practitioners, 9th Floor Takura House, Kwame Nkrumah Ave (between 1st and 2nd Streets)
May the lawyers do away with the formalities of the letter and be instructed by their client to have the weekend to prepare papers to sue me as it’ll be a pleasure to expose the evidence gathered. It’s time we dealt with corruption from a top to bottom approach; the gloves are off.
Word has it that VP Mohadi is the Godfather of smuggling in Beitbridge and has abused his power for too long. There are even allegations of rape and murder against him, dossier of which I’ll be compiling for submission to Emmerson Mnangagwa and I look forward to His Excellency acting upon the information.
He’s alleged to have always acted in the interests of white people like Goddard and attempted to protect the interests of the Chinese at Sunny Yi Feng from where his tiff with me appears to emanate when I intervened to halt construction pending EMA and working conditions compliance
At least the impending law suit will give me the opportunity to expose all the corruption without fear or favour. In my quest to tackle corruption if I can’t expose the sharks at the top then it’s a waste of time
I can’t truly say that we have a VP of substance in Mohadi who would appear to have a litany of corruption allegations trailing him. Robert Gabriel Mugabe wasn’t wrong in not appointing him. I’ve been through persecution in Mugabe’s errand enlisting Goddard with flimsy charges against me won’t stick
There’s been over 70 cases against me and I’ve suffered the mental trauma of being in and out of jail over the same number of times during the RGM era with the then CG Chihuri and Mohadi as Home Affairs for nothing but persecution. I was acquitted in all instances; those tactics don’t work
The new dispensation isn’t about being evil to settle personal scores! I’ll stand for justice to protect the next person.
My worry isn’t it being detained for nothing but in the scourge of corruption from those who think they’re untouchable and neglect to improve prison conditions to cushion their inevitable visit.
We’ve been skirting around corruption andt his time I’m going for the sharks. I invite anyone with any information to add to my growing pile of evidence against VP Mohadi to come forth on Twitter or WhatsApp me on +263732300148 or email enough is enough!
I’m tired of useless politicians who get into power only to abuse it. As a Minister of State Security it’s alleged that Mohadi applied for USD allowances meant for external trips to travel locally to Beitbridge instead of bonds/RTGSs Mnangagwa that can be easily verified.
I’ve received more information from those in ZANUPF of shenanigans in Beitbridge amongst them Hon Ngulube, an alleged victim of Mohadi’s abuse who was eventually allowed to stand in Beitbridge against Mohadi’s wishes.
It’s also time the ZRP CG was honest with edmnangagwa about the criminals surrounding him and at this level I’ll copy my correspondence about Mohadi to the ICC
What has Mohadi done in his role of reconciliation? No-one respects him even in his own area and RGM was correct in his wisdom and not wrong about not choosing him. There’s nothing tribalistic about it, just plain fact as there are many from the region who are honest and deserving
I’ve heard of JR Goddard who has corruptly benefitted and is used without a grain of evidence to press charges and will be caught in the net when it closes. How is it that he has benefitted over more capable indigenous persons? I’ll leave no stone unturned
In fact I’m looking forward to my day in court as my evidence may get lost in the system if I submit it to law enforcement agents or ZACC, it’s safer before the courts. One mustn’t forget that disgruntled runners know a lot! I’m ready to appear in court at any time
The ZIPRA War Vets have been neglected and Mohadi has done nothing to represent them. There are more influential and deserving ZIPRA Commanders than Mohadi that have better capacity and people at heart
The sooner I can defend any fictitious allegations by those you’re in cahoots with the better, let’s see who comes out clean! I’ve stood the test of time because of my stance against corruption, can you?- Byo24

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