MNANGANWA HAS DECLARED THAT he will not force Chamisa to join the political dialogue he has convened or treat him as a “the special one.”

Mnangagwa told a State run radio station during a live interview Friday that if Chamisa wanted dialogue, the door was still open for him to join other parties.
“I cannot get a bulldozer or a tractor to pull him out of his house for talks. I have made a call to all political parties in Zimbabwe that let us come together. Is he not a leader of a political party in Zimbabwe?
“I think he is. Then why does he not come to the table where everybody else is? Why should he feel proud that all 19 political parties are not important but only him?” Mnangagwa asked.Mnangagwa Friday said he would not relent and in fact will create platforms for other stakeholders like the church and youths to interact with him and move the country forward.
“In my view, I think every political party is important. Why does he (Chamisa) feel that his party is important than all 19 parties that have so far engaged into the dialogue.
“We will continue to engage and will create equal platforms for the church and youth,” said the Zanu-PF leader.
He added: “All those who want to share their views, come; let us discuss. The table is open. There must not be sacred cows who think they are better than others. We are all Zimbabweans, let us come and settle together.” Sibusiso Ngwenya Byo24.
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