MOST SENIOR SPECIALIST PAEDRIATIC SURGEON Mbuwayesango has been suspended by the University of Zimbabwe

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MOST SENIOR SPECIALIST PAEDRIATIC SURGEON Dr Bothwell Mbuwayesango who in 2014 led a team of 50 medical personnel in successfully separating Siamese twin babies has been suspended by the University of Zimbabwe for being one of the leaders of the so far 36 day Doctors ongoing strike according to the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, who issued a statement saying:

It is unfortunate that the most senior specialist paediatric surgeon in the country has been suspended. Dr Mbuwayesango’s value to medicine in Zimbabwe is immense and the training of surgeons will be undermined by this poorly considered move

As ZHDA we stand in solidarity with our seniors and we would like to make it clear that job dismissals will only prolong the impasse and our members will not report for duty up until the unprecedented actions are reversed and our grievances are addressed.
Hopewell Chin’ono
Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon & University of Zimbabwe Lecturer, David Chimuka & a Pediatric Surgeon who successfully led an all Zimbabwean team that separated conjoined/siamese twins in 2014, Bothwell Mbuwayesango, have been suspended in connection with the doctor’s strike.
Some Medical School lecturers who are also consultant practitioners at Government hospitals including Dr Bothwell Mbuvayesango and Dr David Chimuka. have been suspended without pay and benefitsby the University of Zimbabwe for allegedly influencing student doctors to engage in industrial action. The situation is volatile as we also know that Dr Peter Magombeyi the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association acting president who was recently allegedly abducted is presently in South Africa seeking medical attention. says this is an ill advised stance by government, because these doctors are already on a 36 day strike and will certainly not coooperate with a repressive regime suspending some of their own, who share the same concerns and are fighting for the same cause, not for their own selfish benefits but for the goood of the Zimbabwe public.DISCUSS!
Paul Ngwenya – Byo24
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