Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) rep to the (EU), Grace Kwinjeh, has resigned from her post to focus on her studies in South America.

The main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) representative to the European Union (EU), Grace Kwinjeh, has resigned from her post to focus on her studies in South America.

Nehanda Radio understands the veteran journalist turned human rights activist and politician has secured a scholarship to study global politics for the next two years. Kwinjeh has over 20 years experience in communications, lobbying and advocacy, at national, regional and international levels.

She rose to fame in the late 90s as one of the young Zimbabweans, led by the late founding MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who challenged ZANU-PF’s political hegemony.

Kwinjeh became a vocal champion for human rights, suffering long periods of persecution under the regime of the late Robert Mugabe. Pictures of her badly beaten body along with that of Sekai Holland went viral in 2007 cementing her legacy as one of the brave fighters of her generation.

Kwinjeh is also an experienced editor who has studied theology and International Relations and has worked with news agencies and national newspapers, in Africa and Europe.

In 2015 Kwinjeh co-authored a book with Liberia’s former President Sirleaf Johnson and other female leaders representing the African continent titled, Women’s Leadership in Peace Building: Conflict, Community and Care. She is also published in leading academic journals.

Early this month, Tracy Mutinhiri, a national executive member of the MDC, resigned from the main opposition party citing personal reasons. She was previously a ruling Zanu-PF party MP for Marondera East who also served as Deputy Minister of Labour under the late Robert Mugabe.

In a letter dated February 5 , 2019 addressed to MDC President Nelson Chamisa, Mutinhiri wrote;

“This letter serves to inform you that I am tendering my resignation from your party with immediate effect.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank most sincerely, the late Morgan Tsvangirai who accepted me and accommodated me when I was expelled from Zanu-PF and indeed yourself in the MDC family,” she wrote.

Source – Nehanda Radio

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