MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu-PF) Mocks ‘Wife Snatcher’ James Maridadi (MDC-T)

Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu-PF) yesterday accused Mabvuku-Tafara MP James Maridadi (MDC-T) of being in the habit of snatching other people’s wives before he was made to withdraw his allegations.The altercation started when Mr Maridadi, while debating a motion urging Government to deal with vagrants and drug abusers, accused Government of mismanagement, including taking to Parliament people like Chinotimba whom he said had no known technical skill.

Stand-in National Assembly Speaker Melody Dziva directed Mr Maridadi to withdraw the statement, but he repeated the allegations.

“I said Honourable Chinotimba has no known skill,” he said. “He used to be a security guard at the City of Harare and Madam Speaker I would not want to withdraw that statement.”

An enraged Chinotimba then rose on a point of order, saying it was not fair to look at other members’ past.

“If we look at others’ past that would not be right. We all know that Honourable Maridadi was notorious for dating married women,” said Chinotimba.

Chinotimba said this while responding to a claim by Maridadi the Buhera South legislator was corrupt when he was debating a motion on vagrants which had been introduced into the National Assembly by Buhera Central MP Ronald Muderedzwa (Zanu-PF).

“On a point of order, Madam Speaker, if we look at the way we have traversed in our lives, this honourable MP fell in love with a married woman and flew to America (USA). So this married woman left her family and life is much better than that. I was a security guard, but he was . . . making love to married women and today he is talking nonsense here,” Chinotimba said, before acting Speaker Melody Dziva ordered him to withdraw his comments.

“I withdraw my words on Honourable Maridadi that he had a relationship with a married woman,” Chinotimba stated.
Source: newsday


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