MUGABE GIVEN 7 DAYS TO VACATE EAGLESVALE Senior School land, which they grabbed from the Reformed Church , within 7 days.

I keep warning Zimbabweans that we the people need to unite, deplete and destroy the oppressive militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime forces capability by destabilising the system, shutting down Zimbabwe or else Zimbabwe will live through deeper tumoil until 2023 under the oppressive system.
The Eaglesvale school board has instructed the school lawyer, Rodney Makausi, to order the Mugabes off stand number 791, Greystone Township, in a letter dated 23 January 2019 which was served at Mugabe’s Blue Roof residence in Borrowdale Brooke.
“Our clients have notified us that you have illegally occupied their above-mentioned piece of land without their authority and without any lawful or just cause,” part of the letter read.
“They have notified us that you have now planted maize crops (sic) on the said piece of land without their authority.
“Our clients have now asked us to demand, as we hereby do, that you vacate the said piece of land within the course of the next seven days from date of this letter, failing which our instructions are to institute proceedings for your eviction without further notice.”
The Mugabes tore down a billboard erected by Eaglesvale headmaster Dennis Anderson which reflected that the property belonged to the church under the Eaglesvale Daisyfield Trust (EDT) and that the church has had the title deeds to the land since 1978.
The Mugabes claimed they have the right of ownership and title to the land, measuring 23 hectares which runs from where Borrowdale Road intersects with Harare Drive to where it intersects with Crowhill Road and Helensvale shopping centre, the road that leads to the Mugabes’ expansive Blue Roof mansion which they acquired from the Zimbabwe regime in 2015 after the property was gazetted for compulsory acquisition.
According to the Eaglesvale Senior School the disputed land was State land given to the church by the Ian Smith Rhodesia regime in 1978, and earmarked for the development of the Eaglesvale Senior School , an elite Harare school currently operating from rented premises in the capital’s Willowvale industrial area. The land was then given to Eaglesvale School to build its campus, before motormouth former first lady, Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace Mugabe expressed interest in the land and Mugabe’s cousin, Zimbabwe’s former Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo craftily then gazetted the disputed land for compulsory acquisition to build a Robert Mugabe Memorial Centre, but the move was blocked as it was declared unlawful by the Administrative Court.
The courtruled that theZimbabwe government’s compulsory land acquisition policy could not apply on privately-owned urban land.“Minister Chombo then said he would get alternative land for the church, but I doubt if it was done by the time he was forced out of office when the Mugabe regime fell in November 2017, as there has always been a legal battle over the land between the Zimbabwe Local Government ministry and Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk-Sinode Vanmidde-Afrika dating as far back as 2016 when mugabe was still in power.
The case, number 14/16, was however forcibly withdrawn from the Administrative Court by the militarised Mugabe Zanu pf regime in February 2017 a few months before he fell from grace in the November coup.
The church, argued before the Administrative Court, that the disputed land was meant for public infrastructure and could not be acquired by the government as demanded by the then despot president Robert Mugabe and wife First Lady Grace Mugabe.
The couple used their power to forcibly evict Zimbabweans from the Mazoe and other Gushungo farms owned by the Mugabe family which include 14 farms listed here Mugabe’s 14 multiple farms, namelyGushungo Estates- 4 046 hectares,Gushungo Dairies-1 000 hectares in Mazoe,Iron Mask Estate in Mazowe – 1 046 hectares,Sigaru Farm in Mazowe-873 hectares,Gwebi Wood-1 200 hectares in Mazowe,Gwina Farm in Mazowe-1 445 hectares,Leverdale Farm in Banket-1 488 hectares,Highfield Farm in Banket-445 hectares, in Norton,Cressydale Estate-676 hectares,Tankatara Farm -575 hectares,John O’Groat Farm-760 hectares,Clifford Farm -1 050 hectares,Bassiville-1 200 hectares .
The Mugabe 14 farms spanned 16 000 hectares acquired through the controversial Zanu pf land reform programme.Posted on August 20, 2018 by newzimbabwevision
Its clear as I always warned that removing the militarised Zanu pf regime, can never be an event, but rather a process. People falsely thought the fall of Mugabe, marked a change but I can confirm that it was simply a non event, the same system and people are still in place, no change whatsoever.
Zimbabwe has certainly tripped and fallen flat on the face into a pile of ‘sh*t’ and they proudly tell the world, at least I didn’t touch it with my hands,..yeah right, what a bunch of educated fools we are! It is unfortunate that the majority of Zimbabweans were so excited by the hot air that Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats regime, that they failed to read into the fact that Zimbabwe was only legitimising Mnangagwa’s leadership and we are yet to see more pain and suffering upon Zimbabweans because this is a military regime and throughout the world, the bullet is stronger than a ballot, a ballot will never remove a military regime, only the brainwashed followers of opposition would believe that a ballot can remove a military regime,..wake up Zimbabwe! can tell the people of Zimbabwe that Zanu pf in Zimbabwe are a revolutionary party like ANC in South Africa, Frelimo in Mozambique, MPLA in Uganda, Swapo in Namibia and their monopoly over wealth and power is cemented by Sadc and AU bodies of African dictators. We the people must unite, work with these regimes , deplete and destroy their ability to keep winning from within the system.
The Minister of Energy and Power Development Advocate Fortune Chasi has urged Zimbabweans to consider using bicycles and motorbikes given the dire fuel shortages hitting the country.
It seems that the situation in Zimbabwe, a nation with the second highest inflation in the world, is spiralling out of control as the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regimewhich recently urged the suffering Zimbabweans to consider alternatives to bread, is now urging people according to the Minister of Energy and Power Development Fortune Chasi to consider using bicycles and motorbikes given the dire fuel shortages hitting Zimbabwe.
Under Mugabe, Zimbabwe slowly but surely and even more so under the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, are slowly inching towards abandoning use of Whatsapp , Face Book, and other social media networks and revert back to to posting letters as opposed to buying airtime. The government is clearly leading Zimbabwe back to batter trade, drums and smoke signals for cheaper communication and urgent messages, clearly the natives have a plan!. says that the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) recently implemented fuel price adjustments , meaning that diesel and petrol will now cost RTGS$4.89 and RTGS$4.97 respectively, based on the US$1:RTGS$4.6125 exchange rate.
As you all know,Zimbabwe is reeling from daily increasing fuel prices and an ever present threat of civil unrest across Zimbabwe as any one in their right frame of mind would realise that a rise in fuel prices means a rise in inflation, costs of basics such as food, rent, water, health, electricty, clothing and more. When the ordinary street person is faced with such instability, it follows that the nation will face a security threat,through civil unrest in protest against the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime which daily causes deepening poverty for the people of Zimbabwe. The people of Zimbabwe need to make their voices heard by rising up to oppressive authority.
Finally the largest labour body in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Congress of trade Unions (ZCTU) is set to lead the suffering electorate through unleashing mass protests against the current economic crisis if the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime fails to provide solutions and restore nomarlcy in Zimbabwe.
We the people of Zimbabwe, have the power to bring change and that starts with making Zimbabwe ungovernable. We need to destabilise the militarised lawless mnangagwa Zanu pf regime by peacefully walking out, sit ins, shut downs, slow downs and grind the system to a total total halt, level the political playfield fro all opposition to have a fair chance in uprooting the regime.
There is no authority, law, power, force or amount of money, or people who can stifle the people of Zimbabwe when we all rise up in defiance to oppressive authority. We need to see that wasting 37 years hoping above hope that Mugabe would somehow change into some peace loving leader was a total waste of time.
Gobally, wherever you are across the diaspora, you have a right to freedom, so, lets all wade into the fight for democracy by supporting those on the ground to destabilise the ruthless militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, simply make the nation ungovernable, so that we can bring the suffering of the people to an end. We need to take the bull by the horns and force the regime to act in resolving the crisis before us.We the people can only win through action, because we have nothing to lose but the government is in its dying minutes both home and away in the International spheres.
Lets use the leverage to shake up real changes that will benefit the people. In my view at the very least this can entail, the removal from power of the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, finally dismantling the last vestiges of the Mugabe Zanu pf regime, for us to finally begin to see changes and development. We owe this to our children and future descendants as the future and the nation belongs to them, so lets unite and fight a common enemy, the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime. Many have died , and sadly more will still lose their lives to the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime but we all need to accept that freedom comes with sacrifice and blood loss, however the system cannot prevail, it must come down at whatever cost. Its either we act now or suffer in silence until 2023, obviously only to again escort the militarised mnangagwa Zanu pf regime to yet another stolen election. If we want change, then we must fight for it through the numerous peaceful actions of destabilising the government and making the whole system ungovernable,……Sibusiso Ngwenya
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