Mugabe highly concerned over the high rate of divorce that is destroying many families in Zimbabwe,…REALLY?…?.



President Mugabe on Friday expressed concern over the high rate of divorce that was destroying many families.

He said in most cases, men were to blame for the break-ups.

President Mugabe said this while addressing hundreds of women who attended the Women’s League National Assembly meeting at the Zanu-PF headquarters in Harare.

The meeting was attended by First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, Vice Presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko, Women’s League members, National Executive Council members, Politburo and Central Committee members among others.

President Mugabe said it was disturbing that the rate of divorce in the country was increasing at an alarming rate.

He urged couples who face problems to approach elders for counselling other than resorting to divorcing.

“Couples could have problems but that is why we recommend that there should be wiser sisters within the family to assist. I suppose the majority of cases, we men are responsible. We marry small houses far too often.

‘‘In other cases, it is just the fact of prestige,  to say you only have one and I have two.Then you find a man boasting about having two wives,” he said.

President Mugabe said this was not only happening among the most educated, but also even among the uneducated.

He said some women also did not care if they went into relationships with married men.

“The girls don’t mind getting married to men who are already married because all they want is to get married. There are many unmarried girls so it is a social problem, a very serious one,” he said.

President Mugabe said in most cases the polygamous marriages were also sources of conflict as the wives and children born out of these marriages would not want to stay together.

“The women will not want to stay together and as such the children will stay apart in most cases. It is in rare cases where you can get children who belong to different mothers working together, calling each other sister or brother. It is now worse than it was in the past,” he said.

The President bemoaned how fast the marriages were ending and said in some cases, the couples did not even bother to legalise the marriages but only stayed together.

He also complained of the behaviour of some pastors who took advantage of their positions to abuse young girls.

President Mugabe also raised concern over the corruption and nepotism taking place in the society. source-chronicle

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