‘Mugabe Was Sent By God To Deliver Zimbabwe And Africa!’-Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Pledge

President Robert Mugabe has been placed at the same wavelength with Jesus Christ.

According to new Zimbabwe Republic Police recruits at Morris Deport, Mugabe is being “rebelled against and persecuted” by people he liberated.Mugabe was sent by God to deliver Zimbabwe and Africa,”

“Like Jesus Christ who was crucified by a people whom He saved, you have innocently grappled with all forms of persecution. Your Excellency, the writing is clear on the wall that you are the angel Gabriel sent to deliver Zimbabwe and Africa.

“Because of you (Mugabe), Zimbabwe is a land of peace and tranquillity, equity, equality, freedom, fairness, honesty and the dignity of hard work. You have been attacked for championing the cause of the people, justice and equality, for denouncing racial segregation, immorality, corruption, human rights abuse and violence,” the police recruits recited while making a pledge before Mugabe who officiated. Source – NewsDay

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