Mugabe will miss Independence as he is in Singapore for medical treatment- its still independance from oppression!

ZIMBABWE’S DEPOSED FORMER PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE, according to his successor , current Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa went to Singapore for medical treatment for the the whole of April 2019, adding that he will be away for 29 days. says take this with a pich of salt. Yes, Mugabe is 95 but we all know this is all part of Zanu pf damage limitation, as Mugabe who last addressed the media in July 2018 in a press conference denouncing the Zimbabwe militarised, ED Mnangagwa Zanu-PF regime, has calmed down and his right hand man Gen Ambrose Mutinhiri who fronted Mugabe’s NPF party, has now rejoined Zanu pf along with Didymus Mutasa.
It is obvious that Mugabe would not be respected by the public if he featured in Independance celebrations and the best thing to do is to remove him from Zimbabwe under the pretext of medical treatment and let independance day celebrations continue in his absence and not destabiselise the fractured Zanu pf . says , lest you forget, part of your looted millions were used by the 95 year old and his 52 year old wife Grace Mugabe to purchase a luxury flat in Singapore, so they will most probably be enjoying a family holiday and bgurning up more of the looted US$35 billion diamond cash that we still need to retrieve from the looting former first family. More news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya

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