Mugabe’s address to the nation is simply another long , winding rambling speech with no resignation and all Zimbabweans are disappointed, that short of being impeached he is standing firm!

Fellow Zimbabweans i address you tonight on the back of a meeting I held with the security elements command, mediated by Father Fidelis Mukonori, arising from the state of affairs in the country. Whatever the pros and cons, I as president of Zimbabwe acknowledge that issues raised by the generals that they were raised out of honesty and deep honesty and love of Zimbabwe by our generals.

Todays discussions have underscored returning the nation to perfect peace and security and ensure law and order prevails and prosperity returns to the nation. Our state of peace, law and order amply indicate that we Zimbabweans are a peaceful nation who resolve things with a level of dignity and restraint not found in other nations, a veritable resource we summon and draw upon in times of vicissitudes. The operation was not a challenge to my command as president and commander in chief and Im happy the pillars of state remained functional throughout the issues and happy with the comradeship that held forth within our security system.

Gvt remains committed to improving social and material conditions of the people and will soon unveil gainful projects for the people.

Veterans of the struggle may have found issues of the struggle, wanting and needing attention. Their war contribution, exacted lifelong costs, hardly repayable. In respect of the party and party issues raised by the security commanders they had to be attended to with a great sense of urgency.

The way forward has to be a net return to the guiding principles of our struggle’ The era of victimisation and arbitrary decisions must be put behind as we embrace a new ethos of camaraderie.

Zanu Pf is a party of traditions served by generations held together by values which must continue within our old established players and new players through a well defined sense of hierachy and succession to all be discussed and settled at the forth coming congress to address all issues that have affected our party negatively.

I will preside over the congress in a few weeks time in December and I conclude this address well aware of issues that might have been triggered in some quarters and such developments are understandable and we cannot be guided by anything that doesn’t make us better members or Zimbabweans.

We must learn to resolve and forgive issues in a Zimbabwean manner, let us all move forward reminding each other of our war time mantra, Iwe neni tinebasa. I thank you and good nite, tatenda, Asante, Siyabonga!

He was expected to give his resignation but as usual he only gave a long winding speech and has yet again left the nation waiting as its obvious that the next phase which is if he didnt resign by 12:00 tomorrow, he will be impeached. Now we wait as he has been deposed but is still president till resignation and in typical Mugabe spirit he refuses to resign with the party, military and people power calling for him to move out. He continues to hold the nation hostage and will not be pushed out as he is even talking about over seeing the 17th Zanu pf annual congress! He has not resigned as expected! Grace Mugabe was nowhere in sight and the military generals were surrounding Mugabe moving papers and the microphone to help him but the resignation was not given and Mugabe as stated will be presiding over the congress and now we wait for the impeachment by parliament on Tuesday if he misses the set deadline by midday tommorrow.

Nick Mangawana the UK Zanu pf Chairperson says he is disappointed as developments show that we are heading for impeachment and will be dragged through embarrassing issues as he only holds office and has no authority over anyone because zanu pf have fired him.

He is dreaming about presiding over December conference as he has been fired by the party and impeachment will be based upon a committee that will investigate all allegations by the end of the week and then report back so impeachment can be concluded.

Nick Mangana went on to say that Mugabe will be 94 in three months and I as Zanu PF UK chair Im extremely angry that he has not resigned in a dignified manner . Mugabe’s idea of taking the country to the grave is wrong and he gives this idea that he is going to reform issues in the party, which we know he created.

Mangwana said Zanu pf through provinces, the people and politburo expressed the desire for him to go and what Mugabe has just done is unfortunate as he only listens to himself. Mugabe doesnt actually believe the military take over is a threat to his position but impeachment will begin swiftly as all including zanu PF and opposition want Mugabe to go! It is suspicious that the SADC Troika will be held on Tuesday by SADC heads and Mugabe is playing for time, not resigning. We now need a clear way forward from the military generals who were around Mugabe during his address. Its now up to the people of Zimbabwe to shut down the nation and protest peacefully like they did yesterday , protest in mass and force Mugabe out with numbers and people power.

These generals are the securocrats in what many say was the actual coup protected Mugabe when he lost the 2008 elections and re instated Mugabe and cheated Tsvangirai who had won. The nation is now confused but accepts that Mugabe is a stubborn man who wants to die in office and will fight to the end.

newzimbabwevision is of the opinion that we are where we were in 2008, when Mugabe lost elections to Tsvangirai, and he stood his ground in office and witheld election results for several months and eventually was announced as the winnner. He is dragging again and will lean towards SADC and AU to reestablish his control and hold over the Zanu pf party and nation given enough rope length,..this is bad!….More news to follow.
By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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