MUGABE’S COUSIN IGNATIOUS CHOMBO’S HEALTH deteriorates and government denies him his passport to seek medical attention from abroad

THE LATE MUGABE’S COUSING IGNATIOUS CHOMBO’S HEALTH DETERIORATES and Zimbabwe government denies him his passport to seek medical attention from abroad
One of the key individuals in the late Mugabe’s cabinet, who was with Mugabe from as far back as Independence, a teacher then the former Home Affairs minister, former Local Government and Planning Minister and Muagebe’s cousin Ignatius Chombo yesterday said his health is deteriorating and he urgently needs urgent to travel abroad to seek medical attention from abroad.
A Harare magistrate again denied Chombo, his passport to go to South Africa for medical attention. Chombo was represented by Lovemore Madhuku and has a lot of corruption charges he faces, stating the State fears that Chombo would abscond just like his colleagues, Walter Mzembi, Saviour Kasukuwere, Shadreck Mashayamombe and others
Chombo, claims his health is fast deteriorating due to the lack of specialist doctors in Zimbabwe.
Earlier on in 2019, Ignatius Chombo was initially temporarily given his passport, but it was confiscated at the Harare Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport by State security agents, and since then Chombo has tried and failed to recover his passport on several occasions at the lower court, High Court and Supreme Court, as the state considers him to be a Chombo was a flight risk.
Chombo’s latest application arose after Harare magistrate Estere Chivasa ruled that she could not release the passport simply because Chombo has cancer, even though Mugabe’s cousin ex- Minister Chombo submitted that in terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, any one who suffers from a chronic disease must have their court applications treated differently from others.
Zimbabweans rightly question, why its ok for suffering Zimbabweans who cant afford hospital treatment or basic medicine, have no health care service delivery in place and doctors are on strike because of Mnangagwa’s regime’s oppression and abduction of the doctor must watch all the looters who amassed wealth corruptly fly across the world in private jets to South Africa, India, Middle East and Singapore like Mugabe and his cronies while the rest of us suffer,..DISCUSS! Paul Ngwenya
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