Mugabe’s Dirty Tactics, Pitch Zanu PF Factionalists Against Each Other

Zimbabwe’s despot leader, the 92 year old President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is typically, a shrewd man who will always pull the strings so his puppets can dance to his tune.
Zanu-PF is a party that is bedevilled  by factionalism between  Zimbabwe’s  vice president  Emmerson Mnangagwa  Team Lacoste and his wife Grace Mugabe’s G 40 faction.
Only last week , Mugabe changed the retirement age for serving military officers from 65, lowering it to 50, yet leaving the opportunity for some to serve beyond retirement age at the prerogative of the President.
To the  ‘Discerning Eye’, newzimbabwevision envisages a situation where, many of Mnangagwa’s allies in the military, will be constitutionally removed by Mugabe, simply by ‘forcibly’ retiring them on age basis, while leaving G40 aligned senior officers  to work beyond retirement age.
 Mugabe has now convened an appeals committee chaired by vice president Phelekezela Mphoko, who is allegedly aligned to Grace Mugabe’s G40 faction.
 Several senior Zanu PF politicians fell foul of ‘disciplinary or factionalism’  aspects , hence they were swiftly suspended from  the revolutionary Zanu-PF party for factionalism and lack of  indiscipline.
However, of those affected, so far 36 expelled members will face the National Appeals and Review Committee of the ZANU-PF Central Committee, put in place to consider appeals.
Unsurprisingly so, the majority are from Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction, hence they will obviously face an uphill task in appealing to a committee chaired by Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko, who is aligned to Grace Mugabe’s   opposing G40 camp.
‘Discerning Eye’, newzimbabwevision, even though the ‘Gushungo’ family claim Mugabe has no political ambitions, it is obvious that president Mugabe is viciously silencing Mnangagwa’s team Lacoste faction by destroying the faction, while elevating his wife, First lady Grace Mugabe’s G40 faction.
This is why Grace Mugabe confidently warned Zimbabwe that Mugabe will rule from beyond the grave, because she knows she will succeed Mugabe if all goes to plan.
Much as we like to hate it, she’s certainly a visionary. I say so because at 21 as a secretary in the president’s office , Mrs Goreraza (Grace Mugabe), was already bedding the then 62 year old president Mugabe, so she not only spent those times admiring the state house office ceiling, but as a visionary she saw beyond the ceiling and put herself square into the president’s chair and desk as Zimbabwe’s future president.
There is obviously nothing standing in her way now except Mnangagwa, but she has got old man Bob to sort it out. Besides if he doesn’t cooperate, he may spend many a cold nights, sleeping on the state house mansion sofa. At 92, pickings are sparse and you dont exactly have a choice. Grace Mugabe, now rules, not only State house bedroom, but presidential office, and Zanu PF, and soon if we relax, Zimbabwe!
To the ‘Discerning Eye’, newzimbabwevision. this will serve the Gushungo family well, as it effectively ensures Mugabe will not be hauled before the ICC to face prosecution for his crimes against humanity, while elevating Grace Mugabe and those who will protect Mugabe’s legacy and looted wealth US$15 billion Chiadzwa diamonds, by having only those who view themselves as guardians of the revolution and Mugabe’s Zanu Pf ideologies.  Grace Mugabe,  what  …an absolute visionary!…Discuss!  By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-nehanda radio -Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Grace Mugabe in parliament.


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