Mugabe’s Silence And Lack Of Political Will, To Act On Health Minister David Parirenyatwa’s ‘PSMAS’ Corruption Scandal

Any nation that lacks accountability by senior authorities, results in massive corruption in government.  Without the legal and political will by those in power to remedy the situation, corruption becomes endemic to the system as is the case now in Zimbabwe.

It is now an obvious  that the now broke and desperate Mugabe and his Zanu Pf regime, lack the political will to stem the corruption that has rocked the country’s parastatals, and that has fuelled the  growing furore arising from opposition leaders and the public over president Robert Mugabe’s continued silence and lack of action on his  Health Minister David Parirenyatwa who was drawn into a  Public Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) scandal of looting public funds.

Recently the media broke out the news that Zimbabwe’s Health Minister David Parirenyatwa was involved in a damaging US$100,000 payment scandal  to his company by the health insurer Public Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS).

One of Mugabe’s chief apologists, the  presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, has warned that Mugabe’s silence is because he would be jumping the gun if he intervened in the saga, which in his own opinion, is a private affair between PSMAS and its members.

People are calling for Parirenyatwa to pay back the money and step down at same time, or the government to fire him, whichever come first, as a way of taking responsibility and stemming corruption.

The Zanu PF apologist, George Charamba argues that  one in PSMAS  has complained over what he terms a simple  allegation made by the people who act more ‘informed’ than the PSMAS, which has  not made any action, so, unfortunately , president Mugabe will not  govern on the instructions of his critics, as he long stopped acting upon incitement or  the judgement of his critics but rather works on the basis of the right action and facts. by Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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