‘Mugabe’s Spokesperson Hospitalised In Singapore For Seven Days’

George Charamba’s recent silence and absence from the  government delegation’s return flight has finally been explained. The Zimbabwe President , Zanu PF, Robert Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, is reported as having been discharged from hospital in Singapore  where he had been admitted for  seven days.

The Zanu PF apologist was being treated for an undisclosed  ailment. This could possibly justify Mugabe’s questionable stop overs in Singapore where he regularly flies to, for treatment, while on his most recent trip to Tokyo, Japan.

George Charamba had made part of Mugabe’s delegation on this journey in search of  investment deals from Japan but having departed from  Harare on March 23rd, arriving in Japan, Tokyo two days later after a questionable stopover in Singapore, Mugabe’s spokesperson George  Charamba suddenly flew back to Singapore as he was said to be  having ‘breathing difficulties’.

To the ‘Discerning Eye’ , Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba who is suspected to be the apologist ‘Nathaniel Manheru’ column and recently engaged in online battles with Jonathan Moyo is simply doing exactly what we the people of Zimbabwe know, which is , after collapsing the Education and Health Service Delivery systems, Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and Cronies , seek medical attention in world class health care systems and educate their families in the same nations.

This shows that they have absolutely no faith in the local Health care and Education systems, whose collapse they facilitated, yet they are willing to see the destitute masses suffer endlessly by leaving this mess which is obviously substandard to them and falls way below the class of these looters and monopolisers of wealth and power.

Mugabe and his Zanu PF must Go! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

photo- Zimbabwe President , Zanu PF, Robert Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba

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