Mugabe’s Zanu PF, ‘Key Beneficiaries Of Entropy’ Used Terrorist Tactics On Itai Dzamara & Vendors

“The Cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, policy makers and the President himself are folding their hands whilst this taboo is taking place because they are key beneficiaries of this ruling. Actually they are the ones who are behind it ,to protect they are companies and interests of their friends “the business people” who will fund them during 2018 elections.”

Mutubuki said this same government is somehow behind the mysterious disappearance of the Leader of Occupy Africa Unite Square Itai Dzamara and it is the same government who chucked vendors out from the city using terrorist’s tactics.

“It is the same government which the cause of the economic mess we are in today. The Government of the day is the one which is privatizing our education through unorthodox means,” he said.

“It is surely the duty of every citizen to resist whenever the state oppresses them. Workers, students, vendors and all activists must unite and use all necessary and unnecessary means to destroy the current regime which is led by Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF clueless thugs.”

He said the government is now using laws to oppress the citizens like what they have done to the workers through Supreme Court ruling and what they have already did to the leaders of the National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe.

“The masses should impark on demonstrations, tools down and massive strikes. Let’s unite and destruct the regime of Robert Mugabe and his few rich cabal,” said Mutubuki. – by Stephen Jakes.  Source-bulawayo24.

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