MUKANYA, GANDANGA Thomas Mapfumo is going back home now that Mugabe is under arrest. He is a hero to many Zimbabweans as he gave morale to the guerrillas through his Chimurenga music

Thomas Mapfumo’s music unites people across various divides, and he like Oliver Mutukudzi is an icon of a resilient people rising against oppression. Mapfumo unites people across political, race, age, gender, musical taste and political orientation as he sang his heart out during the liberation struggle and gave everyone hope for a brighter future.

 We are on the verge of witnessing the new Zimbabwe vision that we have all prayed for, and were beginning to assume would never be seen in this generation because of Mugabe’s monopoly over wealth and power is finally at an end as the military have placed him under arrest and are only awaiting for him to step down, which in his trademark stubborn nature refuses to do,…now we wait! By Sibusiso Ngwenya. More news to follow

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