‘Mutodi Reveals List Targeted For Zanu PF G-40 Murder, Distributed To International Embassies’

A controversial Zanu PF youth member Energy Mutodi believed to be so loyal to President Robert Mugabe has made sensational claims that the G40 faction in the party, which is believed to be aligned to first lady Grace Mugabe has already lined up party members which it intend s to kill this year.
In an article posted on his Facebook timeline, Mutodi said a faction in Zanu PF known as the Generation 40 that is reportedly linked to First Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly lined up a list of individuals it wants killed or at least expelled from the party.

“You will remember that President Mugabe gave the faction an open cheque to fire anyone opposed to it during his Masvingo birthday celebrations when he told the gathering that Saviour Kasukuwere had the right to fire anyone and the affected people only had one option, to engage him respectfully and not to demonstrate against him,” wrote Mutodi.

“In the recent Politiburo meeting, seven youths were expelled from the party and all of them critics of the G40 faction. War Veterans Deputy Secretary Christopher Mutsvangwa was also suspended for three years together with his wife and a Women’s League official Espinah Nhari who once chanted a slogan against the G40 faction in the presence of the First Lady in Masving.”

Mutodi said this effectively means that the G40 has now taken control of Zanu PF and anyone who dares to criticize it faces the boot no matter how constructive the criticism can be.

“These developments have now exposed ZANU PF as a suppressive regime and a dictatorship that is there only to serve a few and does not accept new ideas and neither does it tolerate dissent,” he said.

“It will therefore go into the books of history that Zimbabweans were not liberated in 1980 but rather were transferred from a white minority oppressive regime led by Smith to a dictatorship, authoritarian and corrupt black leadership that has not only destroyed the economy but has also dampened the people’s hopes for freedom of expression, economic revival, infrastructure development and poverty eradication.”

The fire brand politician said self-declared political thugs who unleash violence on their political foes are praised by the president and his wife.

He said it’s very unfortunate that this is the legacy that the president will leave behind him whenever he leaves office.

“Compared to the Smith regime that managed to maintain a solid economy, the Zanu PF regime has reduced the majority from workers to beggars and has sinned against its own black people by failing to listen to them, passing laws that impede foreign direct investment and others that militate against freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and freedom of expression,” he said.

“Unemployment is above 80% and there is underemployment, underutilization of skills, increased rural and urban poverty and all these factors have forced millions of Zimbabwean youths to migrate to South Africa searching for employment opportunities and better standards of living. Due to the economic hardships, Zimbabweans are no longer proud of their country and have lost faith in the Zanu PF leadership.”

He said there is no hope that the economy will be revived under the leadership of President Mugabe.

“And as if this is not enough, the Zanu PF regime has used nepotism and discrimination in appointing heads of parastatals and tribalism and regionalism have ravaged the party with individuals originating from the southern parts of the country being the most affected,” Mutodi said.

“Ministers lead celebrity lives through looting from parastatals as well as from fiscal allocations and can neither be fired nor prosecuted for that. Some live in expensive five star hotels as if they were strangers in their own country while the majority lead sorrowful lives with no food, no clothes, no clean water and other basic needs.”

Mutodi said it is a recent development that food hand outs are distributed during political rallies as ruling party politicians try to lure poverty-stricken masses to attend their rallies.

“The following is a list of individuals who are supposed to be killed in stage managed accidents, or expelled from the party or arrested on non-existent charges: Tawanda Musengi, Sibongile Sibanda, Justice Mayor Wadyajena, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, Evelyn Mpofu, Adolescent Dambuza, Victor Matemadanda, Honorable Mapiki , Kizito Chivamba, Joel Biggie Matiza, Energy Mutodi  and Owen Ncube,” Mutodi said.

“The above-named individuals need to take necessary measures to protect themselves from the G40 killing machinery that is baying for their blood. The G40 makes use of intelligence operatives to unleash torture and execute killings against their suspected opponents.”

Mutodi said efforts are being made to alert African embassies starting with the South African Embassy on the risk that these defenseless citizens and many more others are facing so as to find ways of protecting their lives.

“In countries where genocide has occurred, tribal killings take precedence to civil wars and the United Nations Security Council has often been involved at last through NATO operations that serve to protect vulnerable civilians,” he said.

Mutodi is a Doctoral student at the University of Cape Town. He also studies Law at the University of Zimbabwe

 By Stephen Jakes, source- bulawayo24

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