Ncube Warns ‘Allowing Parliament To Make Back-Dated Labour Laws Changes Could Backfire’

OPPOSITION MDC leader Welshman Ncube has warned that allowing parliament to make back-dated changes to labour laws could backfire

“Once that becomes acceptable then what will stop any government of the day from willy-nilly taking away our rights retrospectively?” Ncube said in brief statement.

He added “When those who are asserting the unprincipled position that there is no restriction to the making of retrospective laws become victims of such laws they will be the first to cry foul.”

More than 20 000 people have been fired following Supreme Court land mark ruling that said they did not have to give the payouts.

The Employers’ Confederation of Zimbabwe has already signalled that it is unhappy with the proposed changes. Labour Welshman Ncube. Source: Byo24News

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