NELSON CHAMISA IMPOSES COUNCILLOR MAPHIOS SHUMBA as Chegutu mayor ahead of Councillor Henry Muchatibaya who was elected by council last week.

Stakeholders and some members of the MDC-Alliance have blasted leader Mr Nelson Chamisa for imposing Councillor Maphios Shumba as Chegutu mayor ahead of Councillor Henry Muchatibaya who was elected by council last week.
Cllr Muchatibaya who garnered seven votes against Cllr Edward Dzeka and Cllr Anywhere Mukutuma’s three and two votes respectively in the election! has reportedly been forced to step down.
Cllr Shumba who is being catapulted to run the town was unopposed for the deputy mayor’s post. Some members have, however, refused to be silenced and used social media to register their displeasure.
Former mayor Cllr Leo Gwanzura took to social media to express his disappointment with Mr Chamisa’s decision to influence the selection process and overturn the decision of elected Chegutu councillors.
“These councillors used their own resources to campaign with no party assistance. The assistance they got is the MDC Alliance symbol. Chegutu must be left to its residents not people from Harare vasingazive kughetto. (Unfamiliar with Chegutu locations),” he said.
Cllr Muchatibaya refused to comment on his resignation, referring all questions to his superiors. Byo24
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