NELSON CHAMISA THREATENS TO UNLEASH ZANU PF STYLE VIOLENCE USING streets guys from Mbare Musika if MD C T lose Zimbabwe’s forthcoming 2018 harmonised elections. says the MDC T circus is growing with each passing day. This chaos is falling into the hands of Mnangagwa, Zanu pf and securocrats who are sitting quietly and watching MDC T implosion from the terraces, because all the Speaker of parliament will do now.
Chamisa has , because of his poor, infact immature choice of words, is indirectictly inciting violence, in a clarly preprogrammed attempt to wrestle power from the Zanu pf Mnangagwa, Zanu pf and securocrats.
Because of this, the government can actually stage play MDC T violence towards elections and then officially use the military, CIO, militia and other to escalate the violence and blame it on MDC T.
Its looking clearly like a guaranteed Mnangagwa, Zanu pf and securocrats victory. courtesy of Chamisa’s power hungry behaviour, remeber the same atttitude that brought down Tsvangirai in 31 July 2013 NIKUV election, after he was warned, by people like MDC pesident Welshman Ncube, not to go ahead with elections without Electoral reforms, because it would simply be escorting Mugabe and Zanu pf to a stolen election victory. Tsvangirai, only had his sights set on the State house and did not listen to the advice, here we are today, heading for the same as you can see Chamisa Nelson Chamisa has threatened to unleash violence if they lose the forthcoming harmonised elections….wake up Zimbabwe! Suffice it is to say when Mnanagwa, Chiwenga and the military forced Mugabe out of power in the military coup of November 2017, they did not unleash violence, now the president of a democratic party MDC T  Chamisa, is threatening to unleash violence,..wake up Zimbabwe!
There might be more to MDC T violence and who is behind it, remember  what happened to the MDC T elected Vice President Thokozani Khuphe and  MDC T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora had to flee for their lives under police guard at Tsvangirai’s funeral and while they were hiding in a grass thatched hut from the violent MDC T youths, remeber the same MDC T youths attempted on several occassions to set the grass thatch on fire, but the grass could not catch fire because of the rain. Lest you forget, Tsvangirai’s mother did not want to see Chamisa at Tsvangirai’s funeral and threatened to commit suicide if this happened….hmmn, I wonder what else she knows , as the MDC T saga is now leading the nation to disaster,….wake up Zimbabwe!
We can all clearly see that Chamisa’s MDC T camapaign manifesto, is offering  sphaghetti type roads, bullet trains, and airports across rural areas, now   ..wake up Zimbabwe!
MDC-T has once again showed its propensity for violence after party leader and MDC Alliance presidential candidate Mr Nelson Chamisa threatened to unleash violence if it loses the forthcoming harmonised elections.
Mr Chamisa, who was addressing his party supporters at Jerera Growth point in Zaka, on Saturday promised that his party would use violent means to grab political power if they lose the polls.
“This time around the election is going to produce one outcome and that is victory for the MDC Alliance,” he said.
“ZEC is a biased referee, a referee who throws away the whistle and joins the other team, we will protest against that, we are going to bring into the streets guys from Mbare Musika they are ready for that.”
“We are not going to leave any stone unturned.
“In fact, we have given them enough time. This election is going to be very different because I am even ready to take power either by votes or by other means,” he said.
The threats by Mr Chamisa sharply contrasts with repeated messages for peace by President Mnangagwa, who has been incessantly calling for violence-free elections.
President Mnangagwa has been exhorting Zimbabweans to observe peace before, during and after the polls for the outcome to be credible.
However, addressing his party supporters at Jerera, the youthful Mr Chamisa also accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of being biased.
The MDC-T leader claimed that he was not kind-hearted like his predecessor, the late Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, threatening to lead street protests if electoral reforms were not implemented before this year’s elections.
Mr Chamisa threatened to mobilise unemployed youths from Mbare Musika to take part in the street protests.
He claimed that the late Mr Tsvangirai feared Zanu-PF, saying it was the reason why the ruling party managed to remain in power.
“We are in this situation because of fear. If it was in South Africa, things will not be like this.
“Zimbabwe is cursed and the day we are going to shed our fear is the very day we are going to be liberated,” said the MDC-T leader.
“We will tell the people that in order to unlock the jam in the country, action needs to be taken, this struggle requires people who are speedy like us, yes there are other cool heads in the movement like Vice President Mr Elias Mudzuri, yes some will increase speed while others will reduce speed in the movement, we can’t be the same,” he said.
The MDC-T has always threatened to unleash violence despite its pretensions to be a democratic party driven by the pursuit of democratic norms and values.
Zanu-PF has been walloping the opposition party in successive elections since its formation in 1999.
Last year, opposition parties under the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA), held nationwide protests that turned violent resulting in the arrest of some opposition activists.
Mr Chamisa also held a rally at Nyika Growth point in Bikita, before going to Zaka as part of his MDC Alliance’s campaign to drum up support ahead of this year’s polls.
Source – zimappers

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