NELSON CHAMISA’S OPPOSITION MDC SEE’S THE LIGHT and goes silent on questioning the legitimacy of Mnangagwa, paving the way for possible talks

NELSON CHAMISA’S OPPOSITION MDC SEE’S THE LIGHT and goes silent on questioning the legitimacy of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, paving the way for possible talks between the chief political rivals to resolve Zimbabwe’s political and economic crises.
MDC insiders claim the party had realised that it would not get any traction if it kept pushing on the legitimacy issue and attempting to remove Mnangagwa from power through demonstrations, leading to a focus on electoral reforms.“It’s now more than a year since Mnangagwa got into power through a sham election, according to us, but he holds the army, police and support of regional leaders,” the insider said.“Demonstrations have been violently crushed and our people injured, so we are now focusing on ensuring that we win important electoral reforms than remove him before 2023 ends. The economy is most likely to achievethat.”
Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda yesterday claimed the party had won the legitimacy battle.“We have won the legitimacy battle. Mnangagwa himself admits that he is illegitimate and talking to Polad is his cheap attempt to buy legitimacy. The economy speaks to his illegitimacy. Nobody wants to invest or deal with an illegitimate leader. Even South Africa can’t help Zimbabwe financially, so we have not backed down,” Sibanda said.
The MDC is focusing more on electoral reforms.“The party’s continued participation (and poor showing) in by-elections has exposed the dire need for prudent electoral reforms. A compromised election management system, the murkiness around voting material, the abuse of traditional leaders and the use of food as a political weapon continues to be rampant in the countryside, justifying the need for genuine electoral reforms,” the resolution read.
The MDC will now table its own electoral Bill in Parliament, a few weeks after Zimbabwe Elections Support Network (Zesn) submitted a draft electoral Bill to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, pushing for comprehensive electoral reforms.The Zesn Bill seeks to give more powers to Zec and wean it off the Justice ministry in an effort to make it more independent from political players. newsday

ZIMBABWEANS DON’T KNOW THEIR TRUE POWER,.INFORMATION IS POWER! Born Rhodesian ‘Sibusiso Ngwenya ‘ a.k.a Nyamangara, totem Gushungo proudly 50% Ndebele, 50% Shona 100% Zimbabwean! ONE ZIMBABWE, for all coloureds, blacks, whites ,all races and all tribes.I was born Sibusiso Ngwenya but my great grandfather a Shona, named Nyamangara, totem Gushungo came from our rural home in Zvimba to settle in Matebeleland during the arrival of the white colonial settlers in 1880s and changed his name from Nyamangara to Ngwenya.I however have never had problems with looking at Ndebeles and Shonas as one and continuously fight for a united Zimbabwe with all people of all races, coloured, black, white, any tribe or religion treated equally.
I have for almost three decades since 1994, held a highly prominent role in Information dissemination in Zimbabwe, starting from soon after University of Zimbabwe graduation in 1994, working as the then National Head of Mass media and Training depart in Zimbabwe’s Government Department of Agriculture and Technical Extension Services (AGRITEX)This was a highly demanding post which included training staff and farmers in agriculture, writing, editing, publishing and translation into Shona, Ndebele and English of staff and farmer literature and training materials because I’m multilingual.
Along with this well travelled job into the deepest and most remote areas corner to corner across Zimbabwe, I was responsible for producing and presenting a total of 7 Radio Programmes on ZBC National Radios 1, 2 and 4.These programmes were, 1) Agritex Farm Diary on radio 1, 2)Tinokushevedzai varimi 3) Nhau Dzevarimi 4) Kuchengetedzwa kwezvipfuwo 5) Sibiza abalimi, 6) Ukugcinwa kwezifuyo and 7) Izindaba zabalimi. This gave me a great insight into Zimbabwe’s land issue, the imbalances in land and resources allocation created by the racist Ian Smith regime in favour of whites, while persecuting, marginalising and stripping indigenous blacks of their birth right, in the motherland.
The family totem is Gushungo and due to this rich history, I see no difference between a Ndebele and a Shona person because I was born and raised lovingly by Zimbabweans who respect unity
This is why I will always proudly speak out for a united Zimbabwean people whether coloured, white, black, any race, tribe, race or religion against an oppressive Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwart, militarised securocrat regime .
I pride myself in being 50% Ndebele and 50% Shona and absolutely no room for tribalists or racists in all I do and having withstood the relentless tribal divisions and assumptions all along that would have diverted my attention to the issue at stake which was to remove Mugabe and his Zanu pf.We have succeeded in removing Mugabe, now let us remove Mnangagwa, Zanu ps stalwarts and securocrat, militarised regime, wipe it away from the face of this earth with the people’s vote!
Against all challenges, tribal and rural origin, this fight was personal in my case, a family matter so to speak and thank God for the fearless pressure and fight I put up all these years to get my clearly heartless Zvimba homeboy Mugabe to exit the political stage, next its Mnangagwa!Feeling pressured and stifled by the government which maintained a keen eye on what I would churn out on air weekly across 7 national radio programmes, monitoring my movements, I decided to spread my wings and in 1996 joined a Civic Education NGO
As the Projects officer Heading the Outreach Department in the NGO, I was again responsible for nationwide training , writing, editing, publishing and translation into Shona, Ndebele and English of literature and training materials because I’m multilingual all targeted at the ordinary people of Zimbabwe in urban and rural projects.
My past experience and exposure to the people countrywide with my multilingual back ground, gave me an advantage as I did not need to struggle reaching out to target communities as I had already been working with them.I have added photos here of some of the massive volumes of publications I generated during that era in English, Ndebele and Shona, funded by the Embassy of the United States in Harare and several International donors.
I believe that Information is power. I have walked a long road in the fight against oppressive authority, An oppressed soul heals with time but the challenge is to silence the oppressed mind. My silence will ultimately resonate in a voice that is strongly opposed to oppression, readily challenge authority and fearlessly lobby for changes that create a better future for our children and descendants, coloured, black, white, any race, tribe, religion or political orientation. I will always fight for good governance justice, equal opportunities, peace, democracy and prosperity for all, thereby establishing a legacy whose benefits will live beyond generations to follow for all people of all race and tribe .
Being an unchained voice for the voiceless and fearlessly against oppressive authority, while continuously pressured and clearly persecuted for my unquestionable stance against oppression, and, along with 35 others officers from NGOs and interested parties who all shaped the Zimbabwe Election Support Network, (Zesn), we produced a report on the 2000 Parliamentary Elections in Zimbabwe held on 24 and 25 June 2000 and knowing very well what I already knew and had been voicing all along, see attached book photos
I then had great introspection into my life and realised, I wasn’t going anywhere under such a despot led Zanu pf regime. I realised that when I grew up in Masvingo rural areas, Mugabe was a legend and the only voice that we as children could identify instantly on radios that were played at low volume at night to avoid being heard by the Rhodesian forces.This culminated in massive euphoria when he Mugabe won the leadership of Zimbabwe, ending white rule by the racist Rhodesian government and we moved into urban life, which we fled within a few months of doing so as there were tribal tensions between the Ndebele and Shona people of Zimbabwe. This was the time at which Mugabe’s government could have worked at building a united people, yet they chose not to.On fleeing from Masvingo, in 1980, it was literally like jumping from the pan straight into the fire because the next thing we faced was the Entumbane war 1980 and 1981 in Bulawayo and gukurahundi 1983 to 1987 then three years of teargas and brutal demonstrations and police brutality at University.
Because is an information dissemination service to the people, irrespective of race, tribe, colour and religion, here for the people to debate on issues that directly affect their lives and future and leave them ready to make more informed choices and decisions such as voting, Our media platforms are not here to please any side. We will continue to regularly publish the truth as its revealed about any and all opposition or ruling party member’s actions, activities, utterrances or other , without fear or favour and many will make noise, and other childish responses,but that only fuels the drive to keep people more informed and FYI, the media thrive on exposing the truth..its all in a day’s work,..Wake up Zimbabwe,…Lets go!
I disseminate information as it is globally to everyone, with no fear or favour and the promise we have for Zimbabwe, is that I have been in this information dissemination since 1994 immediately after University of Zimbabwe and have never looked back at what Im doing. I walked into this and aligned myself to fight for the ordinary person in the street through information dissemination on issues that directly affectthe people’s future hence my non aligned nature.
To see how far I have come with this fight without ever backing down, in 1994 when I started this relentless war against oppressive authority by Mugabe and his Zanu pf, on a grand scale and became PE1 (public enemy no1) to the system, the MDC alliance leader Nelson Chamisa was only 16 years old. Jonathan Moyo and Welshman Ncube were lecturers at the University of Zimbabwe when I studied there , Tendai Biti was a University of Zimbabwe Student Union Representative at the same time, While Enock Gwisai a.k.a Chikweshe was a student at the University at the same time.
This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me as, from that moment, I chose to fight the system, fight opprssive authority, not just for my self bu for all people, white, black, coloured any race, tribe, religion, gender or political orientation. This is the once in a life time opportunity for all Zimbabweans to dismantle the oppressive system which is deeply ingrained throughout Zimbabwe through their vote. We are one people-Zimbabwe
Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must all go! These Zanu PF criminals monopolise wealth and power, continuously loot national wealth that belongs to all people of Zimbabwe, and the only way we can confront this common evil, Mnangagwa,, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats is to unite against a common enemy, Zanu pf cabinet and return Zimbabwe to civilian rule .
MNANGAGWA must not rush to blow his horn and speak nonsense like Grace Mugabe, or sell the country to Eastern powers with his zeal for a socialist state as he was not elected by the people of Zimbabwe to be a president. He is only a Zanu pf choice to lead the ruling party and complete their five year mandate to the next general election in 2018, having been installed by the same army who cheated the people out of a 2008 election victory , installed an illegitimate Mugabe regime and protected the despot until they decided to remove the despot and replace him with Mnangagwa.I call upon all Zimbabweans to wake up prepare to enter an iconic era in Zimbabwe’s existence, a big moment at which we can change the future of Zimbabwe by uniting against oppression by the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf Mafia regime.
These are well known criminals and may claim as Mnangagwa states that Zimbabwe is open for business but they are only paying lip service to the people’s fight by being true politicians,…tell the people what they want to hear,..end of story!
I therefore continue to always say, people of Zimbabwe, do not relax because Mnangagwa who says Mugabe is a father, mentor and someone he will always consult, can never reform Zanu pf out of power, wake up Zimbabwe!We will, end of July 2018 have the opportunity to determine our future by either voting Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and the militarised regime out of power and voting the MDC alliance into power.
The real clue to President Mnangagwa’s false commitment to change is that, the draconian Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA ) which was enforced in 2002 by the Zanu pf dominated and then despot President Robert Mugabe, is still in place
The Public Order and Security Act POSA is a piece of legislation introduced in 2002 by the same ZANU-PF dominated parliament, is an act that gave unlimited power to the police force and helped the then despot president Robert Mugabeto consolidate his power.POSA and AIPPA are still in place to date, equally oppressive acts like we had under the oppressive Ian Smith led white Rhodesian government. Mnangagwa, has not removed them, rural areas were not opened up to activist and opposition voter education campaigns, Zimbabwe army generals now dominate parliament and other strategic areas wheres the people expected the army to be return to barracks and stay clear of politics. Furthermore chiefs and rural structures are not independant of the Mnangagwa Zanu pf stalwart and securocrat militarised regime, about free and fair
The activist cum journalist Itai Dzamara is still missing to date, years after Mugabe and his Zanu pf kidnapped him and Mnangagwa has done nothing about it. The people of Zimbabwe must accept that everyone is free to vote for any opposition or any of the over 120 presidential candidates and should willing do so. We should all however align ourselves as progressive Zimbabweans and realise that under the oppressive Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats , we could never progress
Zimbabweans are a highly educated people, who have been spread out worldwide across the diaspora and investing their ability and knowledge to develop other nations. We have the human resource pool but the environment is not conducive to development and we need to create that with a wise vote.
If the trained soldiers who make up he presidium,President Mnangagwa, Vice President Chiwenga and Vice President Mohadi and lead the militarised Zanu pf stalwart regime all , then we can start seeing development with them being dispossesed of multiple farms, looted millions, businesses, game parks and other wealth, which can be reinvested into education, health care, housing, water,employment , transport and other service delivery which have literally collapsed in Zimbabwe under Zanu pf. We need to therefore agree that whatever happens in the election outcome, its all in God’s hands and love or hate ,Mnangagwa or the MDC alliance, we must all rally behind whoever wins the mandate to lead Zimbabwe for the next five years. Its time to look at Zimbabwe’s future and pull together as ateam in one direction as no one else will fight that corner for Zimbabwe,..wake up Zimbabwe!
We should therefore demonstrate maturity and unite as a people black, white, coloured, all races and tribes, political orientation, gender, age, ability or disability and work as one, fight for the mother land Zimbabwe and rebuild the nation because we are a good two decades behind with mordern development. We need to reintroduce Zimbabwe into the global village and truly open up Zimbabwe for businessWe are all equal,..lets pull together for a better Zimbabwe for all our children and descendants. Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats and the military regime must all go. It is literally of no consequence, simply retiring Mugabe alone as crime, corruption and all political and social decadence are well ingrained into the oppressive, despot led Zanu pf system. As things stand, the system is still in place and Mnangagwa and his crew are there to ensure that the status quo is maintained. Lest you forget, the militarised Zanu pf regime came into power by the BULLET and no BALLOT can ever shift them.
The move by MDC is set to open doors to much needed dialogue and prepare the nation for round table talks, where these military rulers can be granted immunity against prosecution for all their crimes against humanity. At the same time they need to gain assurance that all their criminal wealth including millions, farms, businesses, mansions , businesses and more will not be touched. This is the only way you can unseat this dictatorship and I have said this year after year, throughout all the pictured publications I wrote,….finally MDC HAS SEEN THE LIGHT!, Sibusiso Ngwenya

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