NEW LAW: Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)s “gagging clauses ” to stop people disclosing informationwill be reformed and banned.

The government will now reform laws to stop businesses from using non-disclosure agreements to protect commercially-sensitive information, as many high profile cases are silenced using gagging clauses to silence victims of workplace abuse and intimidate victims in order to stop them speaking out.
Employers have all along tended to stop some former employees from revealing issues regardingunacceptable work cultures, bullying and sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying but the Government will now bring into place, new legalisation to ensure that the limitations imposed upon victims through the confidentiality clause will protect individuals and create a level playing field for businesses that comply with the law., thereby ensuring that harassment and discrimination should never go unanswered and unchallenged because victims are prevented from speaking out by gagging clauses. This new legislation will stop the misuse of NDAs to protect corporate and personal reputations and obstruct justice. Sibusiso Ngwenya.
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