‘Two Journalists, NewsDay Deputy Editor &Reporter Arrested Over CIO Bonuses Exposure’

Police in Harare are reported to have arrested two NewsDay journalists over a story published on Wednesday which states that the Central Intelligence Organization officers have since been paid their bonuses ahead of other civil servants because the finances are regulated from President Robert Mugabe’s offices where the CIOs are controlled.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Communications officer Kumbirai Mafunda posted on Facebook that NewsDay deputy Editor Nqaba Matshazi and reporter Xolisani Ncube were picked up for questioning by police today (Thursday).

“This is Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe: Two NewsDay journalists Deputy Editor Nqaba Matshazi and Xolisani Ncube currently at Harare Central Police Station over report on CIO getting paid bonuses ahead of civil servants,” posted Mafunda.

The NewsDay reported that CIOs were not having a back log in salaries to a point where even their bonuses have since been paid ahead of other civil servants.

Details of whether the reporters were still detained at police are not readily available at this moment.
Source: Byo24News

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