Nkomo, A Sell-Out?…’Mnangagwa Is A Filthy, Shamless Coward’-Moses-Mzila Ndlovu

FORMER national healing minister Moses-Mzila Ndlovu has described Emmerson Mnangagwa as a “filthy, shameless and brainless coward” after the vice president suggested the late Joshua Nkomo was a sell-out.

Mnangagwa recently told the New African magazine that Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith said the reason why Mugabe won the 1980 elections was because he was closer to the general public while his nemesis Nkomo was partly representing white interests.

“In 1980, just after the elections in Zimbabwe, but before Mugabe, who was PM-elect was inaugurated, we were at a place in Mount Pleasant in Harare when Mugabe said he wanted to talk to Ian Smith, the outgoing PM and the generals.

“I was then Mugabe’s personal assistant and head of security . . . Once inside the room, Smith said: “Mr Mugabe, before you speak, I want to say something.” Mugabe said: “Ok, go on.” Then Smith said: “Mr Mugabe do you know why you won this election?” Mugabe said: “Why?’” Mnangagwa told the New African editor Baffour Ankomah.

He added: “Smith said: ‘Me, as Ian Smith, I represent white interests and I have been championing white interests, but I have been able to call other African leaders to discuss issues with them. People like (the late James) Chikerema, Joshua Nkomo, Ndabaningi Sithole, Chief Chirau of Zvimba and others.”

“All these lost elections because the African people of this country have realised that these leaders do not only stand for the interests of the black people, they can also be swayed by me to represent white interests. But you have not met me. You have refused to meet me. So the people know that you are the only one who represents their interests. So Mr Mugabe, you should be grateful to me for not having met you.”

He added: “You see, I am telling you this story to say that President Mugabe has survived because he is a principled leader. He makes sure, eh, champions the interests of the people.

“So his people, the majority in this country, stand with him in good and bad times, and he does not desert his people. This is why he has survived. That is the secret.”

Mnangagwa’s comments provoked fury with former ZIPRA war veterans and ZAPU leaders saying the VP was deliberately insulting the general people of Matebeleland.

In an interview with Newzimbabwe.com, former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda said Mnangagwa’s comments were “absolute nonsense”.

“Its absolute nonsense but I am not going to give a full comment now because we have given Mnangagwa, through Mdala Cephas Msipha, a chance to clarify his comments. If he doesn’t do that by the end of the week then I will be able to give a full comment,” said Sibanda

Mzila said Mnangagwa’s comments were in keeping with his “legendary cowardice.”

“Mnangagwa is a filthy, brainless and shameless coward. Why is he attacking Nkomo now? Why didn’t he say that when Nkomo was alive?

“In the 1980s, Mnangagwa led a genocide attack against civilians in Matebeleland. I mean the deliberate killing of unarmed defenceless people. Now he is deriving joy in attacking a dead person.

“When a soldier uses his arms against defenceless civilians he is not a brave solider. When a man attacks and denigrates a man who died a long time ago that person is dirty and un- African,” said Mzila.

He added: “What Mnangagwa is doing is in keeping with what Mugabe recently said about the Kalanga. Mugabe said the Kalanga people are uneducated and are criminals and now Mnangagwa says we were sellouts.

“Attacking Nkomo is an attack on the people of Matebeleland. This is what Gukurahundi was about. This is what the attack on the Kalanga was about.

“ZANU PF, from formation up to this date, was never meant to fight the whites and the racist Rhodesian government but the Ndebele and that’s why as soon as we got independence they went for the defenceless Ndebele people working with Rhodesian elements of the CIO and the army.”

“That is why we find Mphoko’s claims that Gukurahundi was a conspiracy an insult. Mnangagwa worked with the Rhodesians. Let him deny that.”

Mzila, who was the ZIPRA company commander during the liberation war, said ZIPRA had a far much more superior record to ZANLA hence ZANU PF’s hatred for ZAPU.

“The Rhodesians understood that ZIPRA was very powerful. We really hurt them. I wont even talk of the viscounts shooting but I can talk about how we conquered the air space with the assistance of the Russians.

“It is us that even general Peter Walls was afraid of. Our record is clear. But for ZANU PF what did they do? All they know is to construct their own version of history and destroy the economy.

“But even Chris Mutsvangwa recently came out in the open to reveal that it is a lie that joice Mujuru fell a helicopter with a gun. But these are the lies which children are being taught at school,” Mzila said.

Mnangagwa, who is largely seen as Mugabe’s chosen successor, has been the president’s closest ally since the liberation war. In the 1980s, during which the Matebeleland genocide occurred, he was the intelligence minister.

In 2010, Genocide Watch named him as having been the chief instigator of the genocide alongside Sydney Sekeramayi, then defence minister.

“His thirsty for the Ndebele blood is not yet quenched and the people of Matebeleland should be warned now as to what will happen if Emmerson comes to power,” said Mzila.

He added: “If Nkomo was a sell-out why then did Simth have to hunt him down so much? Why would Smith invest so much in trying to kill his supposed spy?”

Mzila is currently an executive member of the Welshman Ncube-led MDC-T.by Sechaba Lunkunku . photo, Moses Mzila Ndlovu-nehandaradio.

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