No Bonus And Mugabe’s Holiday:-‘Public Disgust And Calls For Regime Change Now!

No Bonus And Mugabe’s Holiday:-‘Disgust And Calls For Activists , Opposition, Military And Police Forces To Unite In Regime Change Now!.
The Zanu PF regime is increasingly unsettled by the state of the regime’s coffers, along with public disgust expressed nationwide by unpaid civil servants who have had a most miserable Christmas, knowing that, firstly, the regime failed to meet promises by failing to settle in December as originally promised,.
Secondly the people of Zimbabwe are disappointed that Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime has shifted goal posts by now promising to pay civil servants their bonuses in January 2016.
People realised this was coming, after the regime leaned towards paying the traditional brutal and partisan military, a clear warning that ‘all is not well in the empire’. We all know the collapsed Service Delivery in Housing, Education, Reticulation and water, Electricity, and Roads systems and unemployment at a ridiculous 90% , have brought Zimbabwe down on its knees and people are disgusted at Mugabe and his Zim1 family for being heartless enough to fly out to the East for Christmas while Zimbabwe is burning.
Zimbabwe’s troubles however, primarily stem from Mugabe, Zim 1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and Securocrats monopoly over wealth and power. Mugabe deliberately created an entropy that allows this criminal caucus to loot national wealth and resources with impunity.
This circle of ‘Black oppressors of Blacks’ are now filthy rich multimillionaires , whilst the ordinary person in the streets is homeless, jobless and destitute, failing to even manage a single descent meal a day on the table for the family. They own multiple farms, mines, businesses, game reserves, wildlife and businesses, with little or nothing except desolate, isolated, non productive units around the country left for the ‘village ‘people of Zimbabwe.
With this horrendous current state of affairs, its not rocket science that the civil service will now experience lengthy periods of unpaid service and false promises by Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime, who are ‘dead broke’.
This leaves the whole nation at Mugabe’s mercy,but this is the moment when we all say ‘Enough is Enough!’.
Security forces, including the ruthless Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) have propped up the despot regime over the years by terrorising innocent civilians, maiming, torturing, murdering them and causing some to disappear completely.
These are the forces that have all along, stolen the people’s vote by protecting the Zanu PF regimes, vote rigging machinery and instilling fear amongst the people of Zimbabwe. One cannot talk of the suffering of the people without stressing the part which the security forces have played all along in protecting and empowering Mugabe’s oppressive Zanu PF regime to terrorise the masses and cow them into fear.
Various unions, have expressed concern at the government’s failure, including the Rural Teachers Association of Zimbabwe RTUZ, Nurses Association of Zimbabwe, Civil servants unions, Zapta , College Lecturers Association (Colaz ) , and Youth Advocay for Reform and Democracy (Yard).
The wave of defiance to Mugabe and his Zanu PF oppression is spreading out of control like a wild fire with various unions clearly indicating that they will down tools and march into the streets, in protest over the government’s failure to pay their wages and bonuses in December.
It actually looks like a repeat of the collapse of the Zimbabwe dollar when the government rendered the people’s saving’s as worthless after changing to US dollar for trade. We all know that there is a desperate bid to change Zimbabwe’s currency from the US$ Dollar to the Chinese Yuan, which would resolve the crisis temporarily as worthless currency floods the local market to settle civil servant bonuses and wages.
The people of Zimbabwe are saying no one needs a reminder about the future we face, as we are all living through the nightmare on the ground. We, the ordinary people of Zimbabwe call for the Central intelligence Organisation (CIO), the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to stand back and let the people rise up in absolute defiance to oppressive authority.
Today its the civil servant’s going without bonuses and tomorrow it will be you the security services, which include Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) having to face a period of no wages because the Zanu PF regime is desperately broke.
Mugabe’s advanced age of 92 and indifference at the people’s suffering, through his holiday in the East, whilst the nation is burning is the strongest signal ever, that, now is the time to enforce change. If the security forces, stand aside and allow democratic protest and regime change, we can all move forward together as a people beyond Mugabe and his Zanu PF.
It is indisputable that the security forces,Central intelligence Organisation (CIO), the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) , will still be needed after the regime change to maintain order, stop looting and rioting and help maintain a peaceful climate for new powers to settle in, kick start the economy and peacefully move a peaceful, democratic, system forward with justice and equality for all. However for us to reach that stage we must now all pull together as one, forget about Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime and think about the future of all our children and descendants, black, coloured, white, all religions, creed and political orientation.
Tsvangirai, the leader of the largest opposition has also emphasised that we cannot sit back whilst the nation burns and that, this is the time to act!
There is a general consensus across the nation from all corners that, we have to act now, Waiting for 2018 is not an option! Mugabe and his Zanu PF must go! Please feel free to share this with everyone world wide. We can survive on fear of Mugabe. Suffice it is to say that we have been the ‘walking dead’ all along for 16 years and change is in our hands.
Its better to be die trying once and for all than to live all our lives as the ‘walking dead’ Unite now, fight as one against a common enemy to the people’s progress,..Mugabe and his Zanu PF. It is absurd to imagine that Mugabe can enjoy his holiday and annual leave in the East and freely return to Zimbabwe too.
Zimbabwe belongs to us all and not just Mugabe, and his Zim 1 family. The despot leader, Mugabe left a mess behind and its in the hands of the people of Zimbabwe, Central intelligence Organisation (CIO), the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to work together and change this for a better future for us all, less Mugabe and his Zanu PF.  Zimbabweans, reclaim your legacy now, not for ourselves but for all our children and descendants!
Failure to resolve this now, means that history will never forgive us for selling out the motherland to these criminals.    Lets Go!!
Please share this worldwide with all your friends. Fear not, as painful as it may sound or be, change must come now! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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