‘Nomakhosi Ntabeni (25) Bulawayo killed by her Zim husband Passmore Mugari (36 in SA, before he fled to Harare with their four-year-old son’.

A 25-year-old woman from Entumbane suburb in Bulawayo was stabbed to death allegedly by her Zimbabwean husband in Cape Town, in South Africa, before he reportedly fled to Harare.
The incident happened on 23 September when Passmore Mugari (36), is alleged to have stabbed Nomakhosi Ntabeni after a domestic dispute Dunoon, Cape Town, before the suspect fled to Zimbabwe with their four-year-old son. The couple reportedly met in Entumbane years ago when the husband’s family used to stay in Entumbane before they relocated to Harare.
According to the late Ntabeni’s mother, Sinikiwe Ncube (43), messages and pictures started circulating on social media on 24 September about Ntabeni’s death.
“I received a phone call from Nomakhosi’s friends that messages were circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook about Nomakhosi’s death. I contacted Passmore about the incident and he told me that Nomakhosi was well and messages on social media were all a hoax,” said Ms Ncube.
It is understood that Ntabeni was stabbed on the neck following a dispute with her husband.
“Nomakhosi was stabbed on the neck. I went to Cape Town immediately after her death and was told by their neighbours that Passmore was known for physically abusing my daughter in Dunoon,” said a weeping Ms Ncube.

Family sources said Nomakhosi’s passport, cellphone and her household property could not be accounted for amid suspicions that the suspect and his sister, who also stayed in Cape Town, disposed of the personal belongings.
The suspect is reported to have fled South Africa immediately after the death of his wife and was allegedly spotted in Harare on 26 September.
“Passmore arrived in Harare on 26 September and spoke to the family about Ntabeni’s death. We took him for counselling,” said a Mugari family member on condition of anonymity.
Back in South Africa a murder case was opened at Milnerton Police Station in Cape Town with the case number CR14/ 09 /19 and police said the suspect was still on the run.
“We are investigating a murder case which occurred in Dunoon on 23 September and the deceased was stabbed with a knife on the neck. The suspect is still at large,” said a police officer from the station.
The death of Nomakhosi resulted in a flurry of activity between the Ntabeni and Mugari families, with the dispute over the death of the woman delaying her burial as her family sought answers. It is understood that the two families finally came to an agreement over a penalty that the Mugari family had to pay before they could proceed with the burial. Nomakhosi’s body was finally buried on Saturday last week at Athlone Cemetery, after an undertaking was made to pay several head of cattle to the deceased woman’s family. Source – bmetro

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