OPPOSITION CONFUSE ZIMBABWEANS, because by day they claim Zanu pf are corrupt, and by night they defend them in court , yet want the people’s vote,…wake up Zimbabwean!

OPPOSITION CONFUSE ZIMBABWEANS, because by day they claim Zanu pf are corrupt, and by night they defend them in court , yet want the people’s vote,…wake up Zimbabwean!
Emmerson Mnangagwa’s military regime are denying former vice president Phelekezela Mphoko over his pension, arguing that he did not serve a full term.
The Opposition party MDC leader and one of the MDC ALLIANCE leaders Welshman Ncube,who is Phelekezela Mphoko’s barrister, says the Zimbabwe government,is refusing to award the ex vice president Mphoko full benefits to which he is entitled such as pension and also continue to deny him other benefits like security, office and others, because government claim that he did not deserve to get some of his terminal benefits as he did not serve a full term.
In December last year, Mnangagwa gazetted retirement benefits to be enjoyed by a former president of Zimbabwe.
Mphoko was Zimbabwe’s Vice president from December 2014 until the Operation Restore Legitimacy coup in November 2017 , almost two years short of a full five-year term in office.
Constitutional lawyer and opposition NCA party leader Lovemore Madhuku in 2017, said ex vice president Phelekezela Mphoko deserves his exit package as stipulated in Zimbabwe’s Constitution and the definition of a full term applies to the limits of a president or vice president from seeking another term in office.
He also said that Mphoko is entitled to his full benefits in terms of the law of Zimbabwe irrespective of how long he served, adding that even if a person is a vice president for just two hours they qualify for full benefits, upon leaving office, including the same salary as the serving president or vice president for the remainder of their life.
Mphoko’s fight is being tabled with the precedent of the deposed Zimbabwe, ex president Robert Mugabe currently in receipt of his retirement benefits.
Just to rewind, remember that Nelson Chamisa fought constitutional expert Professor Lovemore Madhuku and Mr Caleb Mucheche who represented two Zuva managers where Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku and four other judges, sitting as a Supreme Court, unanimously ruled in favour of the Zuva company, setting off a nationwide labour crisis countrywide because hundreds lost their jobs because of the supreme court ruling, courtesy Nelson Chamisa.
The man behind the colllapse of the Zimbabwe dollar, the former Reserve bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono was represented in court by the GNU MDC T Secretary general and Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Tendai Biti yet today the sam Tendai Biti along with the same Nelson Chamisa , who together went on to visit the USA and call for extended economic sanctions, on the back of the people’s suffering proudly say vote for us and sanctions will be removed by USA,..vote wisely!
We also had professor Lovemore Madhuku, representing Mugabe’s cousin, Ignatious Chombo, the former Home Affairs Minister and former Minister of Local Government, who is on bail for corruption. Ignatious Chombo, is one of the first people arrested by the army during the operation Restore Legitimacy coup, and was found with US$10 million hardcash in his house, yet, just like Tendai Biti and Nelson Chamisa, he is one of the people who at voting time turns around and alleges corruption by the people he represents as a lawyer and asks the people to vote for him against corruption. Madhuku is also standing in the 2018 balot,..vote wisely!
Clearly it is a major concern for the people of Zimbabwe, that whether in his capacity as a lawyer or an opposition leader, one has got totake astance and run with it. They cant rally people’s support claiming Zanu pf are corrupt, gather money from political funds worldwide and then turn around and defend the same criminal regime against the people of Zimbabwe. ,…vote wisely!
Politics is a dirty game as you can all see, and finally I should remind people that recently at a rally in Cross Dete. Matebeleland North, the MDC T president Nelson Chamisa stated that the Matebeleland marginalisation issue meant that the majority of judges are from Mashonaland and this must be stopped without fail as ‘we don’t want the ‘Shonalisation’ of Zimbabwe because those with Shona roots get ‘preferential’ treatment in Zimbabwe.
This stance clearly now militates against his unconstitutional rise to power as the MDC T leader and the MDC T National Council dismissed Khupe.
In politics, people are nothing more than numbers and easy to manipulate as you can see,..wake up Zimbabwe,..vote wisely!
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