Over 40 Bulawayo Families Locked Out For Rentals By Transport &Infrastructural Development

MPOPOMA Pelandaba MP for Zanu PF Joseph Tshuma has said over 40 families have been lock out of their lodgings due to failure to settle their rentals at the properties owned by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development.

Tshuma said Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Jorum Gumbo. told him that his Ministry is owed US$9 million and a big chunk of this amount is in respect of arrears in rent by tenants who reside in their various properties scattered across the country.

“A good number of these people reside in my constituency. I would want to know why, in a country like ours with a well developed legal system, the Ministry has resorted to desperate, self-help barbaric measures in terms of collecting the money,” he said.

“In my constituency, they locked out about 40 households. They just appeared; it was an ambush. They locked them out, there are kids outside and people living with AIDS had their drugs locked in those rooms and they were complaining. I want to know why, in a country like ours with a well-developed legal system; why is the Ministry not collecting its debts through the courts? They have chosen as a matter of policy to resort to these barbaric measures in debt collecting. Thank you very much.” by Tendai Gukutikwa Source: Byo24News

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