Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement, Air Marshal Perrance Shiri (Rtd) orders illegally resettled farmers to vacate the land immediately or face the wrath of the law.

Air-Marshal-Perrance-Shiri- (1)
MUGABE’S COUSIN, Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement, Air Marshal Perrance Shiri (Rtd) says that only those who hold documentation of land occupancy and or those who were allocated land by the government legitimately can stay on the farms and focus on production while all who were illegally settled or just settled themselves on resettlement land must vacate the land immediately or face the law.
This sudden change of direction by the same people who originally gave the green light for the chaotic land redistribution exercise by Zanu pf, used the people to force white commercial farmers off the land and grabbed multiple farms for themselves.
The same corrupt caucus of Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats amassed filthy sums of riches and now that they are well off, they are discarding the people they used to get the farms and vote Zanu pf into power.
This has interestingly come at the same time we have witnessed 3700 ‘green bombers’ being dismissed by the Public Service Ministry, 39 houses destroyed in Arcadia by the Harare city council and over 500 unqualified civil servants are to be dismissed all coming up at a time that the 17th Zanu pf Annual December conference is being held.
Mugabe’s cousin Chombo has also been re arrested Chombo while reporting to the police at Marlborough Police station by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission who took a warned and cautioned statement and now faces additional charges, relating to operation Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle in Whitecliff where he allegedly illegally settled people on a property belonging to Pfugari hence the criminal abuse of office charge
These are all welcome developments, with respect to cutting down the government wage bill, regularising farming activity and attracting investment into the farming sector. The reformed Zanu Pf (2.0) is certainly fighting to sell itself as a progressive party, open to foreign investment, against criminal activity, working with the people and willing to rebuild Zimbabwe. It now remains to see how committed they are to sticking to the plan as , so far we have the President Mnangagwa, who openly said the deposed Mugabe is a father to him, a mentor and someone he will always consult, which is why I say the removal of Mugabe is nothing more than a change that has brought the same people into power.
Now we will have more criminals, homeless,  beggars and suffering as people are forced off the farms by the same government that originally allowed them to settle there. However as I always warned all these years, take Mugabe’s warning seriously. He simply said in no uncertain terms, use the land, carry out your farming but don’t erect permanant structures. That should have been clear to all normal people who uphold the rule of law, that this was not along term arrangement and the government would shift goal posts when they had used them. They probably didn’t believe it, but now its happening and they have no one else to blame but themselves as they not only destroyed the country’s agriculture but ruined the country as their lawlessness brought the country down on its knees.
newzimbabwevision is now waiting for mnangagwa to name his deputies this week and its suspected that as part of his militarised state and cabinet he will appoint General Chiwenga will be named as one of his Vice Presidents along with Simon Khaya Moyo on the Matebeleand ticket.
Mnangagwa, zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must all go, the country must be returned to the people and we re establish democratic rule before we relax. You cannot trust the same criminals who were in full support of Mugabe all along, have given him a US$10 million exit package, where all his victims can never even have US$500 to live on for the rest of their lives. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Former Fin Minister Chombo arrested for criminal abuse of office over Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle programme on Whitecliff farm in Harare

Mugabe’s cousin Former Finance minister Ignatius Chombo has reportedly been re arrested. Chombo allegedly reported to Marlborough Police Station in Harare, where as part of his bail, he should report three times a day.
Chombo was originally on corruption charges was picked while reporting to the police at Marlborough Police by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission who took a warned and cautioned statement from him before releasing him into the custody of his lawyer Professor Lovemore Madhuku .
Chombo now faces additional charges, relating to operation Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle in Whitecliff where he allegedly illegally settled people on a property belonging to Pfugari hence the criminal abuse of office charge.
His lawyer Professor Lovemore Madhuku claims that the Cabinet set up the resettlement programme and Chombo was only a head of a committee that ran the programme.
Some charges were added to Chombo who is on US$5 000 bail on corruption charges was released around 8pm and will re appear in court on 8th January 2018.
Coupled with this development, a total of thirty nine Arcadia homes were today destroyed by the Harare council , leaving scores of residents homeless yesterday allegedly because they were illegally built two decades ago on service land which was reserved for drainage pipes and sewage systems. More news to follow.
It is interesting that these things are all unfolding at the time of the week long, 17th Annual Zanu pf December conference. Zanu pf under Mugabe was responsible for the chaotic ‘green bomber’ recruitment by the Public Service Ministry, unqualified civil servants employment and the Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle programme on Whitecliff farm in Harare. Now the chickens have come home to roost as the same Zanu pf is dropping them all like hot pieces of coal. I’m sure this time they will know where to put their ‘X’ on the ballot papers as they have learnt painfully how deceiptful Zanu pf is. More news to follow. by Sibusiso Ngwenya.
photo-Back then when Chombo was kneeling befor his despot cousin Mugabe’s wife, ‘Gucci Grace’

A total of thirty nine Arcadia homes were yesterday destroyed by the Harare council , leaving scores of residents homeless allegedly because they were illegally built two decades ago

A total of thirty nine Arcadia homes were today destroyed by the Harare council , leaving scores of residents homeless yesterday allegedly because they were illegally built two decades ago on service land which was reserved for drainage pipes and sewage systems.

Affected residents have lived there on average between threee and twenty years but were given warning letters before the demolitions by the council.

The demolitions, certainly brought back painful memories of the Operation Murambatsvina under deposed Mugabe which left over 700 000 homeless victims in 2005.

According to residents, they were given the go ahead to build but now that Mugabe’s cousin Chombo the former Home Affairs and later and later Finance Minister is under arrest and Mugabe was removed, the houses are being pulled down.

Investigations also revealed that the properties were built on illegal land, with no addresses, rent or water bills being paid
or official building plans relating to the structures, typical of a corrupt Zanu pf regime and how Chombo amassed his wealth.

This now proves what I always say, that Zanu Pf have no life time friends and when they don’t need you, they will abandon you at a time of your greatest need. most of the illegal structures country wide were built by Zanu pf and Mugabe supporters who voted the despot into power each time in an obvious vote buying scheme, so they have no one to blame but their own lack of foresight.

As sad as it appears, it is right to demolish illegal structures no matter how beautiful or expensive the property is because we don’t want to be like a typical third world African nation full of slums. Buildings must be authorised by government, plans given passed by safety authorities and everything checked throughout that standards are met. they knew what they were doing was illegal, let them face the music. newzimbabwevision only calls for government to do this in a humane manner and give the people safe alternatives, not throw them out to struggle in these hard times with no alternatives.

We all know that Arcadia is generally coloured community and call for the same rules to apply across the nation on all races, and tribes who have built illegally on farms, land near rivers and along flood plains and other areas where construction was not allowed. A community must not be targeted because of their race. We are all Zimbabweans and the law must apply equally to all.

I recently informed the people of Zimbabwe that President Emmerson Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime had dismissed 3 700 national youth service workers who had been dismissed only in July 2017 by the Public Service Ministry then reinstated by the deposed former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe in July.

It is claimed that the government wage bill by reduced by cutting down the number of unqualified youth officers by 3 739 from 7 269 to 3 530, a saving of US$1, 6 million per month and US$19, 3 million per year

According to the Finance Patrick Chinamasa the government would also lay off 528 members of the Civil Service who did not hold the requisite qualifications in terms of Section 18(4) e (ii) of the Civil Service Regulations would also be retired from government.

All these government plans make sense but in just as much as I argue that the same affected individuals knew all along when they were in such areas that they did not qualify and were only being funded by government to boost the number of votes for Zanu pf as they would all vote for Zanu pf and also being ‘green bombers, would beat up people and force people to vote Zanu pf.

Today ‘green bombers’, unqualified civil servants and those whose houses are being destroyed are only paying for their short sightedness in being used and doing everything illegally, so by right they should not complain. The law is the law and what we need is the restoration of order across our nation and this starts with having regard for the Rule of Law.

It is right to say, now, well done to the new Zimbabwe as they and criminals plus all Zanu pf stalwarts, Zim 1 family and securocrats all knew that they were doomed from day one and the only way that all their illegitimate activity could be sustained was to keep the despot Mugabe in power.

Now that the ’empire has fallen’ with the fall of Mugabe, they are beginning to feel the bite as we restore the Rule of Law. Now they are feeling what they put innocent democratic Zimbabweans through, for the last two decades, and if its what it takes to restore the Rule of Law, let it be!

However because the people of Zimbabwe are educated, and uphold a forgiving Christian peaceful spirit. The Discerning eye newzimbabwevision suggests that while we aim to rebuild the country, let us attempt to regularise whatever was wrongly or illegally done by the illegitimate Mugabe’s Zanu pf regime.

Throwing these people out just like that without alternatives, will simply create thousands of homeless families, beggars, criminals and effectively further punish the innocent, law abiding citizens who will have to shoulder the brunt of these knee jerk responses by government.

In my view, the government should have audited the Public Service Ministry youth and established their genuine qualifications then offered retraining and depoliticise them before reposting them to other areas in government. They should be made to reinvest their energy into rebuilding Zimbabwe, clean up streets, and dilapidated areas like Mbare and siyaso, alleys, under bridges, streets, pavements and other places, including gardening in public areas, schools, hospitals and building houses for the elderly and homeless, disabled, orphans and other marginalised groups, neighbour hood watch and a whole host of other positive practical activities that keep everyone happy, for petty cash just to keep them alive and occupied so that we have less criminals out DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya


Mugabe flew to the Far East last night on his first public sighting since he fell from grace through “Operation Restore Legacy” by the military

23795128_10214210924403912_862293744195264869_n (1)
Mugabe flew to the Far East last night on his first public sighting since he fell from grace through “Operation Restore Legacy” by the military.
Zimbabwe’s deposed former head of state Robert Gabriel Mugabe is reported to have flown out last night to the Far East in what would be his first air travel and public sighting since he fell from grace through “Operation Restore Legacy” by the military.
His former Presidential Speaker George Charamba, a.k.a Nathaniel Manheru said that he has no information about this as he claims to have no more contact with he was not in touch with Mugabe anymore but simply that he was reappointed permanent secretary of Information for Zimbabwe.
This would be a trip by Mugabe at a time of the Zanu PF 17 th Annual December conference set to endorse his removal and President Mnangagwa’s new position as the party’s presidential candidate for the 2018 general elections.
Mugabe’s family and aides, are included in the entourage although this will obviously be a different flight with less security, less VIP treatment for Robert and Grace and no regular bag of unaccounted US$4million from the Presidential Office. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-Zimbabweans and the military together

Zimbabwe’s Former Finance Minister, Harare lawyer Tendai Biti’s wife files for divorce after a ten year marriage stating that the marriage is irretrievably broken down.

Zimbabwe’s Former Finance Minister, Harare lawyer Tendai Biti’s wife files for divorce after a ten year marriage stating that the marriage is irretrievably broken down.
As is common in Zimbabwe that it takes divorces to expose to the people, how well off their leaders are, the latest divorce is unmasking the PDP leader , former MDC T member and Zimbabwe’s Minister at the time of the Chiadzwa diamond rush, Tendai Biti’s property and wealth after as reported the Zimbabwe’s Former Finance Minister, Harare lawyer Tendai Biti’s wife of 10 years Charity Biti (nee Maguwah), filed for divorce at the Harare High Court, citing the loss of affection and love for each other in her declaration , stating that the marriage is irretrievably broken down.
Tendai Biti who is now the PDP (People’s Democratic Party) leader and formerly an MDC T member who was Minister of Finance at the height of the Chiadzwa diamond rush, is said not to have responded to the divorce. Mrs Biti in her case is claiming custody of the couple’s 12-year-old son and that Tendai Biti should be granted only limited access to the child as she aims to relocate to the United States of America in January 2018,along with the couple’s son .
Mrs Biti is demanding that Tendai Biti should pay their son’s school fees, purchase uniforms and meet all their son’s living expenses, which amongst other things include food, ,accommodation, and clothing and that the Harare Lawyer must meet the boy’s medical insurance and travel expenses whenever he wants to see their son.
Mrs Biti wants to be awarded ownership of Stand Number 14 Coltman Road, Mount Pleasant in Harare, a black Mercedes Benz S350 (ADY 5606), household property at the Biti family’s Umwinsdale home which she wants sold and the proceeds shared equally between the two.
Mrs Biti accepts that when she married Tendai, he had already owned other immovable properties, so she suggested that Tendai should be awarded other immovable properties including:
a) 7 Bernard Avenue, Chisipite
b)2 Poland Way, Glen Lorne
(c)Tsoko Lodge, Number 1 Shato Close, Juliasdale
(d) Number 26 Rowland Square, Milton Park
(e) The couple’s Murehwa homestead and pig farm.
She also wants tendai Biti to receive the couple’s white Ford Ranger (ADL 1761), Toyota Land Cruiser (ADI 2870), Mercedes Benz E280 (ACY 5148), Mercedes Benz E300 (ADA 7481), household goods at Tsoko Lodge and some at the Biti couple’s Umwinsdale home. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa allocated more to Home Affairs, Defence, Security and War Veterans than Health and Child Care as Mnangagwa consolidates power

chinamasa (1)

After repeatedly warning Zimbabweans that the removal of Mugabe is not a reason to celebrate as all we have so far managed to do is to remove a 94 year old despot and replace him with Mnangagwa, a man who adores Mugabe, calls him a father, mentor and someone he will always seek advice from, the budget delivered by Chinamasa to Cabinet has vindicated me as he issued Home Affairs and Culture US$435 million,Defence, Security and War Veterans US$420 million, and sadly only US$409 million to the critical Health and Child Care ministry.

To the Discerning eye newzimbabwevision, the ongoing events starting from Mnagagwa electing to reward Mugabe with a US$10million golden hand shake demonstrated that the new president would deliver to the gullible Zimbabweans, a ‘securocratic budget’.
We see the disconcerting developments starting with the fact that the budget allocation to the President Mnangagwa’s Office has increased sharply by US$56 million more than under Mugabe.
It is suspected that this massive budget allocation will cater for , the deposed former president Robert Mugabe’s US$10 million exit package, and former Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s golden hand shake as laid out in the new Zimbabwe constitution.
Linked to this huge budget allocation is the ruthless spy agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), which is catered for by the President’s office budget , a budget that is not audited by the state and whose use of funds is not accounted for.
The former CIO Director-general, Rtd Gen Happyton Bonyongwe , a man who was in that department for over a decade before serving just three months as Justice minister is expected to draw from the same budget along with several other operatives in line for retirement in 2018.
In a shocking development, Zimbabwe’s Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa allocated US$232 million to the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) which is way above his predecessor Mugabe’s budget for the same Office last year, totalling US$176 million.
Zimbabwe’s former Finance minister, Tendai Biti (PDP) has warned that the alarmingly high payout to Mugabe will raise the nation’s budget deficit, more than the 15 percent of 2017 to at least 18 percent of GDP in 2018 and consolidate President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s power with his high Defence and Home Affairs budgets.
Austerity and Service Delivery have totally been ignored in budget allocation thereby ignoring the people’s plight. Zimbabwe will continue to be burdened by struggling services such as health , education, housing, water reticulation, transport, electricity and employment amongst other issues directly affecting the welfare of the ordinary street person.
I therefore encourage Zimbabweans not to lose their guard. We must push for real change including the opening up of rural areas to activist and opposition voter education and campaigns.
External votes by Diasapora Zimbabweans must be accepted as we have approximately 6 million Zimbabweans in the Disapora.
These are people who are mainly out there because of Zimbabwe’s crisis created by Mugabe and many now have children who are old enough to vote. The millions in the diaspora are a real game changer and must be allowed to do external votes for us to return the country from military rule to the people.
Currently, charges of publishing or communicating false statements prejudicial to the state as defined in Section 31 (a) (iii) of the Criminal (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9.23 or alternatively causing disaffection among the police force or defence forces as defined in section 30 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act can be used against most online activists for their efforts to unseat the despot, destroy Zanu pf and awakening of the nation about the new President Mnangagwa.
The Zanu pf system they created remains and will be used against one when needed. Draconian laws including AIPPA, POSA and other oppressive measures blocking opposition and activists access to Zanu pf dominated places such as rural areas are still in places. Unless and until Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats fall,..we are looking at the same if not a worse Zanu pf regime because of the real and impending risk to our freedom, safety, future, unity and peace,. Mnangagwa wouldn’t rush to work on removing these.
People must go out in full force in Zimbabwe and do the BVR voter registration in preparation for 2018 as we only have one shot at unseating the oppressive Zanu pf and Mnagagwa from power.
photo-Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa

24 women are currently facing flogging for wearing trousers in Sudan

In Sudan women are not allowed to wear tight trousers or items of clothing that expose parts of their body as its regarded as indecent. Between 40,000 and 50,000 women a year are flogged for breaching this draconian law. 24 women are currently facing flogging for wearing trousers in Sudan. More news to follow.By Sibusiso Ngwenya

BREAKING NEWS: Max Clifford (74) the disgraced former celebrity publicist collapsed twice in two days and died in hospital today at Littlehey Prison in Cambridgeshire

British-publicist-Max-Clifford (1)

BREAKING NEWS: Max Clifford (74)  the disgraced former celebrity publicist collapsed twice in two days and  died in hospital today after collapsing at Littlehey Prison in Cambridgeshire.

It is reported that the 74 year old publicist collapsed twice twice in just two days this week after cleaning his cell where  since 2014 he was serving an eight-year jail sentence for sex offences against four girls  who were at that time aged between 14 and 19. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

photo-sun-The late : Max Clifford (74)  the disgraced former celebrity publicist

(Zesa) board is demanding back US$5 million back from convicted fraudster, ex convict Chivayo allegedly arrested today .

Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Holdings (Zesa) board is demanding back US$5 million back from convicted fraudster, ex convict the dodgy businessman Wicknell Chivayo.Image may contain: 1 person, shoes
The tender documents were submitted to Zanu pf not the Energy board at Megawatt building. It is clear that energy contracts were awarded to the pompous dodgy businessman Wicknell Chivayo who was pictured recently with the new Zimbabwe president Emmerson Mnangagwa mounting to US$5million for the Gwanda solar project to Wicknell Chivayo’s Intratrek company under the most corrupt manner.
The Zesa group chief executive officer Josh Chifamba says next Friday Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Holdings (Zesa) board will convene and discuss US$5 million given to ex convict dodgy businessman Wicknell Chivayo’s Intratrek company with the former minister (Samuel Undenge) pushing for the advance payment of the US$5 million without any bank guarantees in place
Despite this massive advance payment of US$5 million, given to ex convict dodgy businessman Wicknell Chivayo’s Intratrek company, there has been no work done of any sort by Chivayo at his Gwanda solar project site, and Intratrek Zimbabwe long abandoned the Gwanda project just after only three months work on this project.
The massive amount disbursed to Chivayo’s Intratrek company was meant to cover site clearing, borehole sinking, feasibility studies, topographical surveys, site clearance, geo-technical surveying, fencing, and construction of project administrative structures.
Chivayo, received the money without a bank guarantee, clearly a fraudulent activity which he must be prosecuted for and money recovered. It is further alleged that Zesa managers and senior government officials allegedly benefitted through price escalations. It is well known that within three months Chivayo had stopped any work on the site now two and half years on and instead went globe trotting and splashing the US$5million on posh cars, shopping trips in Europe and buying shoes for himself which he was pictured recently with them spread across the kitchen table.
Zimbabwe has lost billions through numerous government tender scandals by dodgy businessmen like convicted fraudster Wicknell Chivayo who hold criminal records.
It is therefore important that Zimbabweans accept that children are suffering in Zimbabwe, no jobs, no houses, no health care, no water, no education and up to us to unite and expose all the crimes of corruption by Mugabe, Mugabe family like Chombo, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats and Mnangagwa must the millions they stole to Zimbabwe.
The same parliament that is attended by President Mnangagwa has sat down and debated the corruption by government and the criminal Chivayo yet Chivayo enjoys freedom. Its foolish that today we sit and celebrate Chivayo and Mnangagwa, Wake up Zimbabwe we have only removed Mugabe and replaced him with one of his own, have the same Mugabe criminal society and draconian system in place.
Maybe our relentless push by exposing these criminals is forcing the government to act as newzimbabwevision media have just picked up online reports by Khuluma Afrika alleging that the controversial convicted fraudster Harare businessman Wicknell Chivayo, was arrested earlier today by the Zimbabwe Serious Fraud Squad at his house.
The paper further reports that Wicknell Chivayo’s company, Intratek Zimbabwe, was awarded a US$200 million USD tender by Zimbabwe’s power utility company ZESA and further awarded another US$73 million purpotedly for the refurbishment of the Harare Power Station, US$163 million for the restoration of the Munyati Power Station, and US$248 million for the Gairezi Power project by the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) which is a subsidiary of Zesa Holdings. However I will update everyone as soon as my contacts on the ground update me on developments
This week we have the much awaited 17th annual December Zanu pf conference. This is a time when there will be a lot of exposures, changes, developments positive and mostly negative that will impact on our future. I will be updating Zimbabwe as and when things happen and will also  over the next 30 days focus on exposing all the corruptly gained millions, farms and other loot and call upon the public to join me in these exposures and press the government through parliament to prosecute all guilty parties, imprison them, grab back their corruptly gained wealth, At the moment, with Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, and securorats in charge, nothing has changed,..just different day, same sh*t! There is no room for fear or complacency,…DISCUSS! BY Sibusiso Ngwenya

There is a Met Office heavy snowfall forecast across Wales, the Midlands, northern and eastern England, with alerts that links to rural areas could be cut off .

More heavy snow set to fall as UK issues amber weather warning across large parts of the country.A gritter in the Peak District National Park
There is a Met Office heavy snowfall forecast across Wales, the Midlands, northern and eastern England, with alerts that links to rural areas could be cut off . Thousands of customers in the south west of England and Wales, have been affected by power cuts due to the snow or high winds in place.Derwen Gam
According to Met Office the heavy snowfall forecast is predicted will be around 10cm , with up to 20cm on higher ground.
Snow is also forecast for Scotland and Northern Ireland, with high winds in the south.
 Hill walkers up the mountain Ben Lawers in Perthshire
Southern England and Wales are predicted to have heavy rain and gale force winds with speeds of up to 70mph (112km/h). Such weather generally causes icy surfaces hazards.
The amber warning for snow has been extended to cover Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex while Liverpool and South Yorkshire have been downgraded to a yellow a warning which is ‘be aware’ warning.
Scotland and Wales is predicted to reach low temperatures of -10C (14F) in some areas , and -14C (6.8F) in isolated rural areas.
Drivers are encouraged to be ready for unexpected eventualities, thus carry warm clothing, food, drink, required medications and items such as boots, de-icers, scrapers, shovels and torches and to increase stopping distances.
The highways situation is bad at the moment with the Midlands, having many motorways already covered in snow, lane markings and cats eyes covered by snow.
Members of the public are encourages to embark only on necessary travel.
Some North Wales and the west Midlands, hospitals have sought assistance from 4×4 car drivers to get hospital staff to and from work in the heavy snowfall while the British Red Cross have been asked by hospitals to help move blood supplies and other medical equipment in some areas affected by the heavy snowfall.
The UK National Rail has issued warnings about travel disruption on both East Midlands Trains and Chiltern Railways and called for passengers to check before travelling as services would be affected by delays with some routes progressing slowly due to speed restrictions because of adverse conditions.
Manchester Airport, Belfast International, Belfast City and the City of Derry Airport in Northern Ireland advise for additional time for journeys and passengers to check with their airline and check websites for updates before travelling.
Birmingham Airport has , due to heavy snowfalls has temporarily suspended flights so that airport staff can clear snow from the airport runway. More news to fall. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
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