Panicked Mugabe To Give 1st State Of Nation Address Since 2007, Over Out Of Control Economy

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, who last gave a state of the nation address  in 2007 when the Zimbabwe dollar crashed as inflation rocketed beyond any imaginable amount of zeros and the Zimbabwean dollar, collapsed, paving way for a multicurrency system will next week Tuesday deliver a state of the nation address To Zimbabwe’s Parliament.

This is an obvious acknowledgement of the local and international pressure bearing down upon Mugabe and his illegitimate Zanu PF regime for him to check and bring under control the spiralling chaotic economy.

The State of the nation Address  was officially announced by Zimbabwe’s Senate President Edna Madzongwe yesterday in the Upper House of Parliarment.

According to Senate President Edna Madzongwe,  Mugabe will  address Parliarment On the State of the  Nation  in the National Assembly chamber on Tuesday August 25 at 1500hours Zimbabwean Time.

To the discerning eye this may look like the president has finally got his eye on the ball but unfortunately not as this is a 91 year old dictator who has ruled for over 35 years andis alleged to have lost every election since independance but maintains a firm grip on power using a heavily partisan military, police force, judiciary system and other undemocratic means to ‘legitimise’ his continued monopoly over power and wealth in Zimbabwe.

He has typically lost all excuses for brainwashing people after the liberation struggle and western sanctions mantra have all now turned out to be irrelevant and outdated arguments against the people’s continued suffering yet his corrupt , criminal caucus of securocrats, Zim1 family, and illegitimate  Zanu PF regimehave all become filthy rich multimillionaires overnight. By Sibusiso Ngwenya. see more at

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