People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Calls For Education Minister, Dokora’s Resignation

The PDP is appalled by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s failure to control private and gvt schools who since the opening of schools arbitrary bar and exclude from lessons pupils who have not paid tuition fees.

The PDP notes that the Dokora Administration is fully aware that the ZANU PF regime has failed to run this country to the extent of failing to pay civil servants and pensioners who include war veterans yet fail to monitor schools and stop them from denying pupuls and students their fundamental right to education by excluding pupils from lessons.

The Dokora Administration has exposed itself as a bunch of people ignorant of the Supreme Law of the Land that guarantees Education as a fundamental human right. Therefore PDP calls for the urgent resignation of Minister Dokora from his undeserving post.We also urge the Gvt to be serious abt the rights of children especially the right to education.

PDP will soon be forced to act in defence of the people’s rights,this Gvt of Mugabe must not push the people to action ,It’s time they do the honourable thing.

Source-Fortune Mlalazi PDP Byo Spokesperson

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