People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Road Safety Warning To Errant Motorists Over The Festive Season,

Cognisant of the Festive Season that is upon us, and mindful of the escalating number of accidents that have befallen our nation during past Festive seasons, the majority of these accidents mainly due to human negligence,  the PDP would like to send a safety message straight to the public transport operators that:

1. The public transporters must exercise extreme moral restraint and extreme caution when it relates to transporting the public from one point to another.

2. The Public transporters must know it fully well and inculcate in their heart of hearts that the people of Zimbabwe are very key and instrumental in the dismantling of the oppressor vice and vile ZANU PF regime therefore no life of any Zimbabwean must ever be lost .

3. The public Transport operators must be aware that the dictatorial, draconian and bloodthirsty ZANU PF cabal of present day Longinus and Brutus have since time immemorial adopted unto themselves, the road accidents as their modus operandi in eliminating any would be opposer of their misrule .

4. Our roads have become snares through the potholes and dam holes that have littered all former carpet roads due to the corruption, maladministration and negligence of the illegitimate ZANU PF government.

5. The public Transporters must be on vigil and refuse to be conduits and purveyors of the elimination of any Zimbabwean life by the murderous ZANU PF regime knowingly or unknowingly.

They must do this, through remaining sober and following all the set road rules and avoiding any provocation by any road user.

6. The PDP would like at this point to remember the victims of road accidents; the likes of Susan Tsvangirai, Sydney Malunga, , Border Gezi, Ntabiso Ncube, Elliot Manyika, and all men and women thus have died so far, Fare thee well Fellow Zimbabweans till we meet again in life eternal.

Above all, the PDP would like to wish the Zimbabwean populace a happy Festive season and encourage Our youths not to abuse alcohol and other intoxicating substances as we all have a duty to build a better and Democratic Zimbabwe . Another Zimbabwe is Possible .

Issued by Fortune N. Mlalazi , People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Bulawayoyo Spokesperson

photo-Dr Gordern Moyo PDP

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