The world is sitting up at attention after a group of young Brixton activists  shook up people’s views and awakened  the British public’s views on equal representation in the movies and the media, which are critical fronts for publicity.

Diversity and ethnicity have certainly become priority points of debate after posters that challenge peoples views, way of thinking and the way the media and movie industry influence the public.

A series adverts from the media diversity campaign have popped up in bus stops all over the capital this week, with eye catching movie posters at bus stops featuring reimagined or replacing white actors with black lead actors in London of late.

Black activists are clearly frustrated at the lack of black actors in top roles in movies and decided that their version of black actors in films and TV shows through recreating famous movie posters, such as Titanic, Harry Potter and The Inbetweeners, with black actors and actresses instead of the traditional white faces in leading roles would stimulate debate and shake up people’s thinking and bring positive change in society.

They designed posters, in Brixton with the activism group Advocacy Academy, originally only meant for their own use at home and not the public but the subversive advertising organisation Special Patrol Group spotted the posters online, loved the concept and stepped in to give them a much wider representation by giving their initiative, greater audience.

The subversive advertising organisation Special Patrol Group, which previously ran “vandal advertising” campaigns which targeted police corruption, went on to print 6ft versions of the movie posters with black actors and actresses in place of whites actors and actresses then stealthily placed them in bus stop billboards around Brixton, south London.

A group of 17 year olds, Liv Francis-Cornibert, Kofi Asante and Bel Matos da Costa, formed an ctivist group and chose to create the beauticul posters after coaches at the Advocacy Academy asked them about what made them most angry and what they would like to change in society.

They have successfully managed to present diversity or rather the lack of it after experiencing racial abuse over the years and realised that in the media they never see any positive representations of black people.

The most obvious issue they spotted is that black characters in big films are generally represented as the ‘baddies’ often playing criminals, killers, and drug dealers, automatically conditioning the public to believe that all black people are like that in society.

The posters that came out in this campaign seriously challenge people’s perceptions and assumptions with the tagline that reads: “If you’re surprised, it means you don’t see enough black people in major roles. Join us in our mission for better black representation in the media.”

The posters by Special Patrol Group were put up during the snow storm (beast from the East) on Wednesday night . More news to follow.

This comes at an important time in Britain for Equality of all races. remember recently in 2017, the British Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May spoke out strongly against ‘Institutional racism’ which is clearly a key factor in how the media and movie industry in Britain, represent or rather fail to represent blacks. No one can deny the issue of ‘Institutional racism’ in automatically conditioning the public to believe certain issues about all black people due to lack of any positive representations of black people. It has sadly become the norm of the society to jeorpadise blacks and deny them opportunities through lack of representation across the media and movies, the powerhouses or frontlines to reaching the public,…Speak out blacks!

In a few days time, the public are invited to a PUBLIC MEETING: SHEFFIELD Stands up to racism and welcomes migrants and refugees. Say No to racism on Thursday 7 March 2018 at Central united Reformed Church, 60 Norfolk Street, Sheffield S1 2JB. Speakers at this powerful meeting will include Sheffield Deputy Mayor Lord Magid Magid, BAME-Sheffield Central and others.

On the 17th March 2018 there will be a PROTEST MARCH there will be a ‘No to racism in the UK’ , a National march against racism on 17 MARCH 2018 to be held in London.

It is without doubt that Britain lacks mass movements against racism and there is no better time than now for the public of all races to join the debate about how the marches can be developed, escalated and given the national, parliamentary and public support and recognition they deserve in the fight for equality and justice for all races. are all immigrants! I thank you! By Sibusiso Ngwenya.
SHEFFIELD stands up to racism, No to racism, refugees and migrants are welcome.

The oldest complete skeleton in Britain,is a fossil, known as Cheddar Man, is one of first modern Britons, who lived about 10,000 years ago. Researchers had always assumed its a white individual, but a recent scientific discovery through DNA analysis, totally discounted that theory after establishing that the first modern Britons, had “dark to black” skin.

This discovery will upset the history of immigration to the British island as ,migrants and refugees are frequently used as a scapegoat for all that has gone wrong in British society.

The fossil, known as Cheddar Man, was discovered over a hundred years ago in Gough’s Cave in Somerset. The fossil DNA shows that Cheddar Man had blue eyes, with dark brown to black skin colour and dark curly hair, totally discarding the notion that being ‘British’ means white. Stand up to racism, say No to racism because refugees and migrants are welcome. Britain is an island and everyone in Britain originates from immigration, because no one is ‘originally British’, case in point Cheddar Man!

It is important for the people of Uk to join the mass Stand up to racism marches in Britain-London, Wales- Cardiff and Scotland-Glasgow. Join us in the National March against Racism on 17 March 2018 in London. Refugees and migrants are welcome! The UN anti racism day is 17 March 2018 We are all immigrants to britain and science has now officially proven what we all knew but chose to turn a blind eye upon, that we are all immigrants to this island of Britain as proven by DNA study on the oldest complete skeleton discovered in Britain, a fossil, known as Cheddar Man.

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