Plane Piece Found On Beach On Reunion Island.-Missing MH370 Flight?

On Saturday 8/03/14 at 16:41 GMT, the doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 took off  from Kuala Lumpur International Airport bound for Beijing and set to arrive at 06:30 22:30 GMT, but was unfortunately reported by  Malaysia Airlines to have lost contact within less than hours time after take off from Kuala Lumpur.

Several searches were conducted based on available flight tracking data that analysts could present but all proved to be false starts as sixteen months down the line, nothing concrete had been found in determining what exactly happened to the flight or its exact whereabouts.

This has certainly been a most traumatising period for relatives, friends and family to say the least as they were denied closure on the issue. The discovery of an aeroplane part, which   experts suggest from the pictures , is possibly a  flaperon, a part of the wing that help create lift for an aircraft and came from a large aircraft such as a Boeing 777, which is the same model as the MH370 plane, has once again raised everyones hopes about closure on the unfortunate incident.

The volunteers who discovered on the  flaperon were cleaning a beach on island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. Malaysian authorities, well aware of the false hope, chaos and confusion that could be generated by misinformation, have urged caution until  “tangible and irrefutable evidence” is found before they make an official statement or tell the families of the victims with regards to what may have transpired.

Oceanographer David Griffin of Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, indicated that the plane part found on the beach is in a  position that is  consistent with estimated final resting place for debris. Whilst computer simulations of how the debris would have progressed and eventually, most probably have  finally landed in Madagascar , Reunion is not far from that estimate.

It is important to mention that, although the flapperon could have travelled that distance in a year, finding it will not necessarily tell researchers, what the final events on board the missing flight were like, until the flight recorders are located. Identification will be concluded within a couple of days as most Aeroplane parts, including flaperons, usually come with details such as a serial number, its manufacturer, and safety certification which can easily be cross checked against the manufacturer database, to determine which plane the, located part was used in.

Previous credible  findings  on the island, include, a badly damaged  suitcase on wheels that was found washed up onshore by a gardener, which typically matched a piece of luggage that had endured , a fair share of a rough ending in water. by Sibusiso Ngwenya. see more at

photo-The debris of a wing plane was found this morning on west coast of La Réunion (French Island). -airlive

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