Police Assault Prominent Human Rights Activist, The Masvingo Residents Trust President,

Prominent human rights defender and Masvingo Residents Trust president, Prosper Tiringindi (27) was severely assaulted by Police and had to be admitted at Masvingo General Hospital for two days from last Thursday evening.
Masvingo Mirror reported that Tiringindi had allegedly intervened in a matter where officers on patrol were harassing commuter drivers at PicknPay Supermarket in Masvingo.

Tiringindi spent two days admitted at Masvingo General Hospital receiving treatment for the wounds he sustained at the hands of the Police who took turns to beat him up for intervening in what he felt was an unfair arrest on a motorist.

He was examined by a Dr Zihove from the general hospital who ascertained that Tiringindi sustained, “injuries consistent with having been caused by a blunt object,” read the report from the Doctor.

He is set to appear in court for disorderly conduct and his appearance would be by way of summons.
He was accompanied by a colleague Ephraim Mtombeni.

The assault happened in full view of elected councillors for the city, Cllr Godfrey Kurauone Ward 4 and Cllr Richard Musekiwa Ward 7 – Source: Masvingo Mirror


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